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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
So I'm glad Battle Operation 2 doesn't have the obnoxious play limiter and all, but oh boy some other modern niceties would be good. Seems we're still stuck with a lobby system from the middle ages and otherwise it practically feels like a slightly less janky version of the first. Still, getting back to the ol' GM Cannon shenanigans isn't the worst, so I'll probably doink around with it for a while.
Played a couple of games, quite fun. However, I keep getting disconnected at the end of the match, meaning I don't get any progress. Has happened in two of the four games I played earlier. Has anyone else experienced this issue?
Don't think it's ever happened to me.

Finally got my Gun Cannon. Time to Nep it up.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
You're real lucky then. I now have Penalty lv2 due to disconnects, meaning no DP and XP for me. RIP. Apparently, this is happening to other players too.
Beat Meiya and Sumika's route in Muvluv Extra. Went on to beat Meiya's route in Muvluv Unlimited. Touching yet bittersweet. Although I don't know why the Shiranui and Susanoo mechs are in the OP since they are not even shown in the game. But given that Unlimited is pretty much a sample prologue of Alternative where they actually play a role. Probably will start Muvluv Alternative a bit later.

Still playing Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition on the HD collection, on stage 9 now. A lot of fun and far better than the 1st game but it can't be helped the Devil May Cry 1 was the 1st in the series, it was alright but I doubt I'll play the 1st game again after beating it. I played Devil May Cry 2 back in the PS2 days from renting it for a weekend and see no reason to replay it again on the HD collection. Played it back then and it was kind of boring, and its considered the worst in the series outside of the butthurt people bitching about the DmC remake which actually plays alright outside the emo designs. Its pretty easy to say that DmC is a better game overall than Devil May Cry 2. DmC is a ok game and sold pretty well, and not the worst game in the series like people exaggerate it to be. I borrowed it from a friend a couple of years ago and beat it.
Honestly I think most people that gave DmC an honest try would agree that at it's core the gamepaly is pretty solid. The only real reason to hate it was the god aweful presentation of the characters and setting with how forced it was trying to differentiate itself from real Devil May Cry.

It didn't help that Talim or whatever the fuck from Ninja theory is called started outright attacking real Devil May Cry, like his disaster of a conference at GDC a few years back, going to as far as compared Dante to "gay cowboys".
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Looks like Battle Op 2 maintenance today. Hope they fix all the DC issues.
Finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.
I do know that I'm playing part 2 of the series, but I didn't expect I'm playing part 2 out of 3, which doesn't seems will be created.
But I do like what I played. The side quest really matters, sometimes ties in to the main mission.
Spoiler Show
Gaddem Miller is dead. I don't have the antidote Sad.
I do got the signal jammer from the bomb maker side quest, so I can prevent the final boss from bombing the ball room.

Happy to see Eliza Cassan reporting everything I've done in the game in the final news at end game. That was fun! Big Grin
Won't bother with Breach mode, looks fun tho.

Tried Star Trek Online.
Good grief, what a primitive game. I do like the character creation, and I can make my TOS character a reality, but the ship battle is kinda bland, and third person shooting is even worse. Not to mention the clunky interface whenever you talk to someone.

It's still in my HDD, but I don't think I want to continue. :/
Tried the free Mafia III.

The game has different button layout than GTA, so it's kinda annoying.
Haven't played far, but driving feels like GTA IV.
Doesn't seems so bad.
As much as I'm enjoying Gundam Battle Operation 2, the games rating system is plain retarded for lack of a better word. Who ever thought the "Rival" system was a good idea to base this off must have been the same guy who thought MOBA in New goony Breaker was a good idea.
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