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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Finished CoD: Black Ops III.
It was such a mindfsck....

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The game turned into horror in the last few stages.
I don't even know what is real what is not. Are we Taylor? Is the Taylor we're chasing real? Are we dead?
*cut to credits roll*

Just picked up Raiden V Director's Cut on Amazon during a lightning sale (thanks to Cheap Ass Gamer for the info). Got it for $15 which is a amazing price.
Edit: Why dafuq is this post located here. ^^;
Playing Shining Resonance Refrain, pretty fun, it plays similar to Tales games and also Ar Tonelico 3 especially since music is a aspect here too. It is nice to see that all the DLC outfits from the JP version are already free in the game from the start. Playing original story mode here since I've heard that Refrain mode spoils some things that happen later on, so its better to play that in new game plus.

Also got both Muvluv and Alternative on Vita too. I'm tempted to pick up Sonic Mania Plus since I didn't get the original game last year...
Got the plat for Blue Reflection. It was basically a story about cute girls going through adolescence while doing cute things and the power of friendship and etc all that. well, it was 90% all about high school life...and the power of friendship cliche.
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[Image: 9BtJ3BX.jpg]
[Image: 5qJeJSe.jpg]
[Image: cHks5Kc.jpg]
[Image: wjAHBwa.jpg]

And with lots of wet Shirts to where everyone as at least one to 3 scenes where they inexplicably got caught in the rain, and dozens of scenes of them in the school pool Because this game REALLY loved it's damn water textures,a lot.

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[Image: u9A6li4.jpg]
[Image: h1BagrG.jpg]
[Image: RrLVEhl.jpg]
[Image: bN7TpAr.jpg]
[Image: To4AOzQ.jpg]
[Image: GvCGjmT.jpg]
[Image: l4VdDJM.jpg]
[Image: qPEJilO.jpg]

There were so many parts to this game that made me cringe because of how close it hit to home for me in the real world. Like the story of my life....
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[Image: zagOOA2.png]

[Image: wNiyfnG.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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