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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Presumably legal issues and Lawsuits with both. For Echo there was an issue between SEGA and Ed Annunziata who created it. He sued them to try and get the legal rights to the name back. eventually he did settle something with SEGA however what exactly happened has never been disclosed. Most believe he did get the rights back due to the lack of Echo but nothing cna be officially confirmed.

With Sonic 3 and Knuckles it's mainly rumors but it has to do with people in charge of MJ's estate starting about 2 years go.

Started South Park The Fractured But While. Way more entertaining then I was expecting. I wasn't expecting the game difficulty setting to change depending on what race/skin color you are.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Got my copy of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition as well as Sega Genesis Classics on PS4. Also picked up METAL SLUG XX aka METAL SLUG 7 on PS4. Used my 20% off PSN code cause its a $20 game which is a bit too much IMO. It does automatically come with the LEONA DLC character. Now I own all 8 Metal Slug games (7 on Anthology and now XX) on my PS4.
^Neat! Does Leona has her Moon Slasher move?
Yep she does. Press up on D-pad, L1 and Square at same time to nullify projectiles and cut enemy vehicles in half according to the Playstation blog.
I forgot that the preorder of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition comes with a download code for Ultra Street Fighter 4. I'm not a fan of Street Fighter 4 in general but its better than 5 but that's not saying much... Since its free I'm downloading it now.

I always prefer Street Fighter 3 (Third Strike) and Alpha 3 as my favorite Street Fighter games. I almost always prefer 2D over pseudo 3D/2.5D...
Whoever thought having live narration in a video game is a genius.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Finished XCOM 2 with these awesome people:
[Image: _xcomses54.jpg]

Since I'm going in blind on the final mission (as it should be), I was playing it slow. Until the final room, where I'm just camping in the corner and waits for the objective to come looking for me instead of hunting them.

And now, to play something else. Maybe... Assassin's Creed Origins or World of Final Fantasy.
FUCKING FINALLY. I'm at the point where I was about to break the damn disk. It literally ended with only 100 / 3000 cost left. (Ultimate mode Wave 50 after failing the last several days)

I hope Char continues to die in a fucking fire.
[Image: wvyJO7P.jpg]
[Image: 68mQkgh.jpg]

I had given up on the plat because the game was too boring. But some friends were streaming last friday and decided to play as well, and had fun with it for the first time in ages. Managed to get the 1000 online matches taht night as well.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Finally picked up Devil May Cry HD collection on PS4, was tempted to get the PS3 version, but I rarely play it these days... isn't too much of a difference between the 2.

Gonna pick up Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Demon Hunters pack next time it goes on sale on PSN because sadly that is only available digitally...
Been playing Assassin's Creed: Origins.
I think.. it's less normal Assassin's Creed now. It feels more like an RPG Assassin's Creed. And I really don't like R1 to attack. What is this, Soulsborne?!?

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