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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Kenshiro, the game, continues.

[Image: _ken054ak0e.jpg]
Kenshiro in Kamurocho.. err.. Eden.

[Image: _ken01i5jd6.jpg]
Kenshiro having fun at the arcades (in full version, later)

[Image: _ken02i3kap.jpg]
Kenshiro having fun in a race.

[Image: _ken03mtjoo.jpg]
Kenshiro getting off the car in the post apocalyptic desert of free roaming.

[Image: _ken044bkt5.jpg]
Kenshiro getting out from a bar.

The full video:

I must say, the game's location really feels out of place in Hokuto no Ken's world. But then again, it does take place in an alternate reality, soooo... yeah.
Finally beat Odin Sphere Leifthraser, really enjoyed the game and kind of sad it ended. Really liked the story, presentation and most of the characters except Mercedes and Cornelius to an extent. My favorites are still Gwendolyn and Oswald. Velvet is nice too. In a few years I'll probably start a fresh new game to get the most out of it again.

Gonna have to start Ni no Kuni 1 on PS3 to prepare for 2 coming out soon... its been on my backlog for way too long, but then again, that's still the status of majority of my games, lol.
Just finished my first PS4 game, Titanfall 2. It's short but fun.
Unfortunately the game sealed it's own death wish. It was stupid to release it the week after Battlefield WWI.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I'm more interested in the "Greater War" so I skipped Battlefield 1. I'm waiting for Call of Duty: WWII to get a price drop at my local video game store.

Trying out Horizon Zero Dawn. The life-after-the-apocalypse setting and "zoids" make me want to continue playing but the open-world environment doesn't.
It was the usual job, sourcing a car, sell them to a specialist.
And then THIS happened.

I go from "Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeet" to "No no no no" while trying desperately to brake, to "Gaddemit". :/
Should have gone into passive mode. =k
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
You can't do export/import while in passive mode, though.
Already about 90% in Horizon Zero Dawn. I'm having a blast with it. Open world outdoors is much, much better than an open world city (Prototype, Infamous, and Sleeping Dogs). Also, the absence of stamina and weapon/armor durability mechanics helps. Planning to get The Frozen Wilds later tonight.
Virtua Fighter 5

Ok, I'm kidding. Yakuza 6.


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