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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Finally started Yakuza 0. Pretty fun and the combat styles seem very interesting. 80s setting is pretty cool too.
Up to chapter 5. While ea lot of things were changed and Nerfed to all hell like Asuka, I'm glad that Shio was kept the same and Ignis Break is still Broken as all fuck.

It'll probably take longer to plat now, albeit I will plat it...maybe. Depends on Calamity mods difficulty. The annoying thing is that now 3 playthroughs are needed.

-First playthrough
-Second playthrough on Infinity mode
-Third playthrough on Calamity mode.

Ironically the best feature they added from the Vita version is the skip scene feature, because I don't want to watch this all over agian for the 10th goddamn time.

Also I managed to get a friend to start Phantasy Star online 2 on PS4, so it's time to start on that as well. Also FF14 so I can get a free polar bear mount.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Started playing Injustice 2. Looking good so far, except that I hated I can't attack straight away after a dash.
This Car Mechanic sim is awesome stuff. I could ask for better camera controls/sensitivity though and more side stuff like specializations, goals, collectibles. Doing the same things over and over feels more like a chore than gameplay
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And we're done with the year at just before it turned over at 23:52!
[Image: PLnEgGI.jpg]

180, I'm content with that. Hopfully Sen no Kiseki III will be my 200th.
[Image: uV2OBYO.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Finally done with Yakuza 0, gonna start Kiwami 1 tomorrow. After I'm done with Kiwami 1, I'll go back to finish 5 to warm up for 6.
I finally started up 4GO.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Evil Within 2. Let's just say, I spent most of my resources killing this one mini boss right in front of the safehouse, and when I go explore, I met another one. (#`皿´)
These guys are starting to annoy me very much, since they seems to be psychic or something, they go from nowhere around to suddenly running after me out from nowhere. I had to double back from that general location to avoid him.

Spoiler Show
It's that friggin' flamethrower guy

Also trying out Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
I am trying to like this game. What control scheme is best to play this game? I tried the shooter scheme, but something feels odd.
Not sure if you're looking for any advice on how to deal with them, but:

Spoiler Show
The area near the buses has some cryogenic tanks that weren't there before, which is a big hint - you can use them on one of the dudes, but for the others it's your indication to make and use freeze arrows. You can get in a lot of headshots that way.

They are placed in such a way that you can basically avoid them for a while, and you probably should if you're low on resources. There is a limit to how far they will chase you - they make it only so useful when actually fighting them, but it's still good for running away.

There is an incentive for getting rid of them, which perhaps you've already seen. Being OCD about it, I went and killed them all, but you don't really have to (even for that).
Oh yeah. I've been wondering what those things with suspicious icy smoke for...
Being paranoid, I decided not to mess with them lol.

I'll try again tonight.

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