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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread

I was thinking of starting it, since it's a short game supposedly. But the problem is there's online trophies and I'm pretty sure by bow the onine is dead. Plus legit 200 matches wouldn't take forever where as boosting takes like an hour or two.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

Finally finished Escha and Logy ~Alchmists of the Twilight Sky Plus~ I loved Escha and Logy, so playing this updated version of the game was a something I'd wanted to do for ages.

Dear god, I forgot how fun and adorable these 2 were together. One of Logy's new outfits even gives him a matching tail accessory.

[Image: qAWJpe2.jpg]
[Image: 5uHnI1e.jpg]
[Image: ffeSgdt.jpg]
[Image: ml9ZdT1.jpg]

And I knew that the Plus version was going to add in additional scenes about Escha and Logy's developing relationships/feelings that were left pretty unanswered in the original, but I didnt expect them to go all the way.

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[Image: lyZjX2R.jpg]
[Image: 2EyfKR8.jpg]
[Image: OvxY7hZ.jpg]
[Image: U83MlrU.jpg]
[Image: YJHoEKh.jpg]
[Image: gAt2xvC.jpg]
[Image: emrpGgm.jpg]
[Image: gtlWPGq.jpg]
[Image: RzmeDmC.jpg]
[Image: 1aEL4b8.jpg]
[Image: MWIxb4J.jpg]
[Image: 80sXh4j.jpg]
[Image: Tw1ZDGn.jpg]
[Image: RecVGRl.jpg]
[Image: ooQrdda.jpg]

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

Congrats Nepnep! *head pats* I'm playing Uta 3 between time spend in FFXI and FFXIV.
[Image: DragenGD.png]

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