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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread

I was thinking of starting it, since it's a short game supposedly. But the problem is there's online trophies and I'm pretty sure by bow the onine is dead. Plus legit 200 matches wouldn't take forever where as boosting takes like an hour or two.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Finally finished Escha and Logy ~Alchmists of the Twilight Sky Plus~ I loved Escha and Logy, so playing this updated version of the game was a something I'd wanted to do for ages.

Dear god, I forgot how fun and adorable these 2 were together. One of Logy's new outfits even gives him a matching tail accessory.

[Image: qAWJpe2.jpg]
[Image: 5uHnI1e.jpg]
[Image: ffeSgdt.jpg]
[Image: ml9ZdT1.jpg]

And I knew that the Plus version was going to add in additional scenes about Escha and Logy's developing relationships/feelings that were left pretty unanswered in the original, but I didnt expect them to go all the way.

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[Image: lyZjX2R.jpg]
[Image: 2EyfKR8.jpg]
[Image: OvxY7hZ.jpg]
[Image: U83MlrU.jpg]
[Image: YJHoEKh.jpg]
[Image: gAt2xvC.jpg]
[Image: emrpGgm.jpg]
[Image: gtlWPGq.jpg]
[Image: RzmeDmC.jpg]
[Image: 1aEL4b8.jpg]
[Image: MWIxb4J.jpg]
[Image: 80sXh4j.jpg]
[Image: Tw1ZDGn.jpg]
[Image: RecVGRl.jpg]
[Image: ooQrdda.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Congrats Nepnep! *head pats* I'm playing Uta 3 between time spend in FFXI and FFXIV.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Taking a break from .Hack GU Recode after beating Vol 3 for time being, starting Wolfenstein New Order on PS4, I've heard a lot of good things about this game, not too often I play shooters, last one I really enjoyed was Bulletstorm, although Borderlands 2 also counts but that is also a RPG...
Bought a Bunker in GTA Online.
Bought supplies for it, do some gunrunning sale, and realized that I'm not making any money out of it. Supplies bought price = Unit sold price. I need the 1,6 million upgrade first. :/

Also bought the Mobile Operation Center. It's cool. That's it.
Started the NA version of 4 Goddesses Online: Cyber Dimension Neptune.

[Image: XVvHsnF.jpg]

Since I already did the original version months ago the plat only took about 15 hours, and without skipping dialogue. It's was pretty short, although JP version took me about 60 hours since I got max levels. Overall it was probably the most enjoyment I've gotten out of these characters since Re;birth1. There was no major dramatic situation or world ending disaster, just 7 idiots and Beru Beru playing an MMO.

The Translation did surprise me though. It was the only game in the localized games since Re;birth1 that the localization and translation wasn't total shit, and actually pretty well done. Manages to keep the immersion of the Neps playing an MMO real. It also didn't throw in random 4th wall breaking and meme referencing unless it was something in the original lines. There was a fair amount of 4th wall breaking, but it was usually for informative purposes. But within the context of the game, it didn't really feel like it unless it was an explanation via external monologue.

For the 2nd time only even I can't bitch about the localization. I will about the title though, swapping the main name as the sub title for the sake of shitty name recognition

Words of Wisdom

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[Image: uoZgDXN.jpg]
[Image: upkLU3K.jpg]
[Image: n3H5IFf.jpg]
[Image: 6Z0QVnv.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Why Big Boss is so into 80's music. 

The stuff about how Mr. Mercury died of AIDS that the media spread is fake news. It was actually Solid Snake that killed him  Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
While you're busy in MGSV, I'm busy sightseeing...

and running over bikers / parachuting.

Finished the PS4 version of Steins;Gate 0.

I Should have been playing Xenoblade 2 because based Homura and Pyra is a retarded western change etc, But the Steins Gate series is one of the best Visual Novels of all time, and 0 did not disappoint. Friday it gave me one of my favorite game scenes of all time.

[Image: ddBel8F.jpg][/spoiler]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Been playing The Evil Within 2 Free Trial.
This is ... how should I say it, a survival horror game that's almost exactly to my ideal horror game.
It's Resident Evil 4 style gameplay in a Silent Hill setting with the crafting system and resource scrounging like The Last of Us. You even get to explore the small town freely to see the horrors of every single location. It has scary moments and jumpscares. I didn't play the first one, though.
Now I would love it if the protagonist is a female, to give a more authentic horror, but the badass "What the hell" Sebastian will have to do.

It's currently $30 in PSN right now until 11 PM USA time tomorrow.
I'm hovering on the purchase button. Decisions, decisions.

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