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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
Been playing Grim Dawn. The expansion for it comes out sometime next month, looks promising.

I've had my eyes on Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition. On sale for about $4.50 on Steam, just don't know how much time I'll have to devote to it. If it's something like GTA where you need to spend a 100+ hours to get everything out of it, I think I'll lose interest fast.

The story looks pretty interesting, though.
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^You don't have to. I think I played for about 30 hours, including DLC missions and all. The extra quests are also worth to do, since it does improve Wei Shen's overall skills.
The only thing I don't like is driving a car. It's bad, IMHO.
STAR WARS Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta

I have no idea about the button layout.

Where did all these shots coming from?!?

It is a cool game, but I think ultimately it's not for me. I'll still play the beta, though.
Still finishing Sen no Kiseki III. Almost done with my first playthough though, currently at almost 80 hours, and that;s just going in blind.

As to your earlier question about it Andy, Cliff Hanger. one that makes Sen I's look like a joke.
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^Yeah I read your spoilers. Goddamn. ^^
Beat the final boss for Dark Rose Valkyrie, doing some of the post game stuff before starting new game plus to try for the trophy that requires reaching the True End in Very Hard mode. 60 hours in the game so far. Only 6 or so trophies left until I platinum.
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Done with Star Wars Battlefront II Multiplayer Beta. My opinion still stands. The game has a really high production value, looks pretty to the eyes, beautiful, and yet I only want to play it for the Starfighter Assault mode. Guess I really miss the old X-Wing/TIE Fighter game back in the 90's.
For reference:

Maybe I'll get it when cheap or something.

On the other hand, I've just finished downloading the Gran Turismo Sport Beta for a whopping 43GB. Today's the last day of the Beta, and I am at work. Sad
I do hope I get to play a bit tonight.

Meanwhile, I've been replaying GTA Online on my PS4, realized I can't import my PS3 save on it, so I have to start from level 1 again. Oh well, this time I'll play for fun instead of grinding like crazy back then. It is a game to relieve myself from stress anyway. Bikers annoys me in real life, so I just loooove running over those bikers with my truck/sport car/SUV/etc.

Finished my first heist again (The Fleeca Job) and the other guy decided to kill me once we're back to free roam. Typical no honor among thieves type of bastards. Well, at least I got $143K out of it.
Now I'm contemplating whether to rebuy my old apartment the Richard Majestic No. 4, or buy the new one Richards Majestic No.2, or relocate somewhere else. Hmm...
Fooling around with GTA. This game is true stress reliever.

Down to just 1 trophy before my platinum in DRV then I'll probably play Stick of Truth on PS4 while my roommate is playing Fractured but Whole.
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Platinumed DRV then finished platinuming SoT so I'm on to Fractured as of last night. Too early to tell yet but I liked the quicker combat from the first game. I need to progress alot further to see what kind of combo powers & gear options the game has but I really enjoyed putting together some crazy setups in SoT.

I also played a little of Shadow of War on my XB1 but just haven't been using that system as much lately.
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