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What Games are you Currently Playing Thread
I'm on a quest to beat a game for every system I own this year.

So far I've beat Trails of Cold Steel on PS3, Super Mario 3D World on Wii U, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance (hard mode) on GCN and a bunch of shooties on PS2.

I really should play Yakuza 5 some time soon.
I get this kind of error a LOT.

Ubisoft Quality. *grumble*

On the other hand, I am also playing Diablo III: Reaper of Souls with a friend. I've just arrived in Act 2. Level 31 at the moment. Seems I'm overlevelled or something.

Okay, while I do like the game when it's working as intended, but the constant server fsckup is annoying me. I don't think I will buy the game.

Ok, enough For Honor. I got sick of getting server errors, time to delete the beta (time's up anyway) and focus on Diablo III. Just finished off Maghda.
Tales of Berseria, on a new game + trying to see if I can platinum it.
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Beside the obvious SRWV, I'm playing through NieR: Automata as well (and Diablo III, if a friend of mine asked me to join his party).

NieR: Automata is good. I love action RPG, but the game is friggin' hard. I think it's harder than the demo, 'cos I don't remember playing that bad against the demo boss.

I love the open world RPG world, and the crazy seamless change from a top down aircraft shooter to Zone of the Ender-ish mecha combat, to on-foot exploration and Platinum stylish action game. The music is awesome too.

I also loved how they managed to break the fourth wall by the installed add-on. Wanna remove that pesky numbers from showing up? Or don't want to see lifebar? Just remove the chip! Want to remove the OS? Prepare to... die. You've been warned lol. XD

Get this game, people. NieR: Automata deserves attention.
Self Destructing for fun.

Also been playing this hilarious game:

I am finally playing my G Generation games, and Lost Heroes 1 and 2.
Haven't posted here for awhile.
Let's see....

- Diablo III Ultimate Evil Edition - doing Seasons now.
- NieR: Automata - Now on third playthrough.
- Super Robot Wars V - Stage 51. I'm close to the end, right?
- Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - there are bunch of people online again.
- Rose in the Twilight - Just starting. This game is definitely an improvement over HtoL#NiQ. No more stupid touch screen and leading hopeless AI around. Now everything is using normal controls.
- God Eater 2: Rage Burst - This game is time consuming, but it's good for helping me get to sleep.

Also decided to do a playthrough of Way of the Samurai 4:

The screen tearing is horrible lol.
Been playing horizon Zoids Dawn this past week. I....I am really enjoying it. It's been ages since a western game has made me feel like this. It's basically Assassin's Creed x MGSV. Plus one of its strong points is the game looks bloody amazing.

Its.not just the photo mode either, the game looks this damn good in real time. Photo mode simply freezes the world to take cool screen shots and mess with things such as time of day etc. (Twilight Sky time is always best time)

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