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Gundam Versus
[Image: fVXdEgb.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Western gamers will have the same licensed soundtrack as the original Japanese release (don't expect to get the Zeta thmee songs because of Neil Sedaka, though)
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I'm a bit cautious of this news because this is the only site that has reported this, plus there isn't really any sources/actual information from Namco Bandai to confirm this...
Sen no Kiseki III has been my holy grail the last 2 weeks, so this game has been on the back burner. So outside if the sessions with friends in player match I didn't really play it till last night.

....good thing I had my priorities straight because to put this game straight, it sucks. Sucks total ass. It's worse then Full Bust and especially to Extreme Versus.

It has no real content to play. The Trial mode? It's literally just goddamn Arcade mode only the didn't have the ball to call it arcade because they didn't want this to seem like a watered down MaxiOn. The trial missions were the best part of the last games, but here there's none.

>In befor Ultimate Mode
Maybe if the PoS would work online and not kick us out because of those stupud group battles where it tries to connect you to other randoms that cause the game to time out or freez. Just let us play together without this boss mode bullshit.

Navigators are also severely limited. There's only like 5.

So far she's been the only thing helping me keep on keeping on. And not just because all of Rie Kugimiya''s line reads almost sound like sexual enuendo's for some reason. Just mostly.

[Image: UDwGHpo.jpg]
[Image: YT3S09C.jpg]
[Image: TTx20sC.jpg]

Soma is also often cute with her comments. But jesus, she makes it sound like if I lose they're going to sell her as a slave or kill her off....
[Image: YJW1ymS.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
You just reminded me that there is no Nena in X-Omega Sad
Why does Ouchi hate Best Girls? Asuka, Kallen, Nena, why?
She needs to get. Taiki MSV Drei.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(10-11-2017, 01:39 AM)Top Nep Wrote: Soma is also often cute with her comments. But jesus, she makes it sound like if I lose they're going to sell her as a slave or kill her off....
[Image: YJW1ymS.jpg]

And she is not wrong.

i mean she has been mentally destroyed and reduced to vegetative state for years, regain herself after and is constantly reminded that she is a tool.

and on this game Stella scream is bad i liked it better on the previous one "STELAAAAAAA MAMORUUUUUUUU GRGATSGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"
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[Image: 4mVz46i.png]

I asked before in another thread, but I'll ask again: Anyone still playing this or planning on getting it?

It's on sale right now on US PSN, and I now have a PS4, but I dunno if it's worth it at this point - from what I've been reading, it seems anyone new has long since left and it's all veterans eating anyone who isn't them alive at this point.
It is, best to save your money elsewhere. A few friends and I do get togethers about once or twice a week though, we're mostly just casuals who play for fun. (One tonight I think). But for the most part, the online community doesn't really exist for the west, and at most on average what's left are the try hard community.

The game didn't do well overall. In the west, it had like no advertising that most peope don't even know it exists outside of twitter, and in JP, because it's basically a watered down version of the current lasting Extreme Versus games in the arcade, most JP players don't care for it. (Watered down both beacuse of the cast list and also because it plays much slower for the sake of new players getting into it much easier, which alienated many of the core veterans)
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(10-11-2017, 01:39 AM)Top Nep Wrote: [Image: UDwGHpo.jpg]

Uh-oh, Kira's not gonna be happy when he sees this on the news.

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