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Gundam Versus
Now go! Let the legend Nep back to life!

[Image: MfJb6WR.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Gundam Vurses confirmed for July 6.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
For some reason that feels sooner than I thought, but I guess it was announced nearly a year ago.

Also, reminder: An English Asian version was announced back in October, so unless something changed I assume that's still coming too. Would be nice if they have the decency to at least do a digital US/UK release.
They most likely will. The games creator flst out said it was being createn with a world wide player base and connectivity in mind . Asia English versions are specifically for the Asian regions , not the west. Which is why we have things like SAO and Gunfam VS Force getting NA releases still.

There are still nay sayers who are saying the game won't get a western reelase (Despite that currently Gundam is getting a massive push in the west in a huge go). Well, despite the fact that this beta is Japanese only, the beta already has and inplimanted in game designiation icons for other regions when looking at the host rooms data. Not to mention of course what I mentioned last week, that match finder has the options for host region only or world wide the director flat out saying it was meant for world wide). As you can see, NA, JP, and HK.

[Image: wXz9TOI.jpg]

[Image: ASIvxG1.jpg]

[Image: jISFlrj.jpg]

And even aside from that, there was also that my NA psn account was able to freely play and access the Beta despite being from a region that Should never had access to.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
A friend posted a article about merits of this game being localized.

I'm going to be cautious until I get a confirmation from Namco Bandai that this game is coming out...
#16 This is just baseless armchair industry analysis.

He's hinging the success of a Gundam game almost entirely on the fact that the recent glut of DVD/Blu-ray/Manga releases of old shows makes Gundam now as popular as Naruto, a mainstream show that's been airing on local TV for several years running (and probably much longer than Gundam ever did from the Toonami era onward). He blatantly ignores several factors like all the licensing shenanigans involved with localizing a Vs game, the existence of Asian version Gundam games with English subtitles, and the fact that a Vs game was already released in the west (Force).

But no gais a team-based arena fighter that has no local multiplayer and barely any good single player content will lik totes sell gangbusters if it was localized!!!
Oh yeah, I fully agree with you AceWhatever... I keep telling him to be more realistic but he's just set on the idea that this game is going to be localized... Home video sales of Gundam these days are not going to affect the game's sales. Its a very niche genre in the US. Maybe a couple of hardcore fans will pick the game up, but I doubt the sales levels will satisfy Namco Bandai... Plus the game division is completely different from the entertainment/home video division, especially since Bandai USA is no longer around.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Gundam Versus NA and EU release confirmed for Autumn 2017 release.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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