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Gundam Versus
Just got announced at TGS! (which I entirely forgot was even today XD )

New Info:

The full name is just Gundam Versus

This is NOT the next version of the Extreme Versus series, but the first new title in fifth Generation of the Versus Series, hence the new name

"Gen V has Comem To"

Literally, because the man behind the Fox Engine is working on this
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I'll add the teaser trailer.

It's not Extreme VS, btw. It's just "Gundam Versus".
Can our esteemed admin fix the title, please?
So new tidbuts:

-Gundam Versus is an entirely new series, it's the fabled Generation 5 that the devs were talking about a few weeks back in interviews.

-The man behind Metal Gear Solid 5's god tier Fox Engine, is working on this game now. After he left the sunken ship, he signed up with Bamco which was a huge win for them.

-Everything is being built from the ground up using his help, which is why the models look so much better compared to Extreme Versus series garbage ones.

-The game will feature real time destructable enviorments now

-Currently the game is only 30% complete.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
'Extreme Force Mode' is the primary mode and starts with a game-original mission, and continues onto missions where players can enjoy Universal Century episodes consisting of various situations from Mobile Suit Gundam up until Mobile Suit Gundam UC.
....wait, what?
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
There is nothing else confirmed for this new Gundam Versus game, nothing about a extreme force mode yet according to sources I follow.
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Extreme Force was entirely it's own main game that was simply built on the ExVS, not a add in mode.

It's also not an Extreme Versus title, it's an entirely new title and the first for Gen V, hence the name simply being Gundam Versus. ExVS officially now stops at Maxi Boost On.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Closed Alpha Test to be held soon, but no details yet other then it's going to be local and offline as anything being offline just leads to data theft and data mining.

Furthermore, Ryuichiro the Producer said he wants to differentiate between the Arcade and console versions of what Gundam Versus is, and made an interesting comment that he wants people around the world to enjoy 2 vs 2 battles, so it's a good indication that this will at least get an Asia-English release. (NOt that it matters because it's an Gundam Versus game and the only real reading are menus that are always in english anyways)
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
The line I've been hearing for years about why Gundam VS console ports have been so weird/non-existent/shortly made irrelevant, is Bandai Namco not wanting to tick off arcade owners by making their #1 game available perfect at home at the same time. And, certainly, everything seems to match up pretty well with that...this development certainly would. Since, if that's all true, I don't doubt it's been killing them to have this highly regarded series stuck with limited exploitation due to arcade politics - breaking it off into separate arcade/console branches appears to be a sensible solution. Sure seems as if stuff like Rise of Incarnates and Extreme Force are (failed) precursors to this.

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