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Space Battleship Yamato 2202
Teaser for Space Battleship Yamato 2202, the sequel to Space Battleship Yamato 2199, that serves as remake of the original series. It is also known in the West as Star Blazers. The sequel will comprise of 7 movies starting in February of next year.

I personally binge-watched the entire 2199 series after putting the franchise off for many years because of similarities with Space Carrier Blue Noah (Thundersub in the US), which I watched first. I was totally blown away and can see why many sci-fi enthusiasts and famous people in the anime industry are heavily inspired by Yamato.

I would like to see this adapted for a Western audience, but I guess that would cause friction against fans of Star Trek and Star Wars.

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I saw Yamato 2199 not too long ago, man do I regret not watching it earlier, its a REALLY good show, it helps modernize the franchise in a very successful way and doesn't seem dated especially with the aesthetics, it added more female characters and built up a lot of characters both good guys and bad guys. I can think of very very few flaws with 2199.

I hope there is a TV version of 2202, cause 6/7 movies might be a bit hard to follow, especially cause I saw the TV version of 2199 and it went along quite smoothly.
I love that they gender swapped some characters. The original anime really don't have that many females... ok, there's only ONE female IIRC.
2199 seems like a show that could've been a bigger deal internationally than it was, but its Western release was handled so appallingly poorly it never had the chance to build any kind of momentum.

With this coming out, I'd hope they'll give up while the new franchise is still relevant and hand the keys to both shows to someone who might know what they're doing, but I'm not holding my breath.
Will this have 26 episodes like 2199?
I too was a later comer in watching Space Battleship Yamato 2199 but then again that meant I could watch the whole Show at once in Beautiful Bluray Quality Smile
I'm kinda interested in this so I'll follow it.

@Garou: Seems it's 7 Movies and not a show if I understood OP right.
2202 will likely have a TV version like 2199 after the movies/OVAs run is done. TV version of 2199 added a few new scenes and the pacing/editing was very good from what I've heard, I've only seen the TV version of 2199.
So far, I've seen 6 episodes, which were the films shown last February and June. I think the first movie is comprised of 2 episodes with the rest being 4 episodes each.
IIRC, the first 2 eps are longer than a regular ep, I could be wrong.
The first two episodes are a bit shorter (24:57) than the succeeding four episodes (25:10).

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