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Changing or Creating a Username?
I downloaded the game via Qooapp on my android phone and started playing but I just noticed I have a name...but was never prompted to make a username.
Am I stupid and missed a prompt?
Do I need to make an account somewhere?
it has my name as イナキ and I'm rank 6
Let's see... you need to click the "MENU" button (that blue button on the top right corner right to the left of the Green Login Bonus of your home screen).
You should see 11 menu options. Find the 1st Column, 3rd Row button. Click it, and you should be able to change your name there.
Good Day.
I have a question:
I have 2 phone and 2 ID for SRT omega
can i login in the 2 phone with 1 same ID? i dont want 2 diferents ID
If is the case how i do that? i dont find id options in game

Sorry for my English and Thanks
^That thing is usually bannable in other games.
Or when you login from another phone, the other one gets kicked.

I wouldn't try it.
you can only have a save per device that you own, some people owns secondary saves on other devices tough but you can't do it on a single one.
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