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SRW Battle Dialogues
So I was playing through 2nd SRW OG just because, when Lamia had some weird dialogue that was clearly a tribute to Aschen. It made me realize how little I understood of many of these dialogues. Does anyone happen to know someplace I can find these dialogues translated so I can get some of the jokes? It's probably an odd request for the older games, but I'm curious and my google searching avails me not.
There are collection of quotes in japanese, but for translated ones i can't think of anything but akurasu and random 4chan threads. As for Lamia, here are some roughly translated ones (by me, from this )

Keep in mind that some of Lamia's quotes are mostly untranslatable, as the humor in them is based on random changes of register/grammatical errors of the inflections that have no equivalent in english (verb endings mixing military/valley girl/maid/respectful/servile inflections,etc or -gozaimasu -arimasu becoming -gonsu -arinsu)

-Let's go ! (valley girl-like) Wait, what's this?
-Let's dig in (valley girl-like) ... this speech mode is no good.
-I'll finish you ( southern dialect) ... even a speech mode like this ...
-Ufufu, i'll pu-nish-you ! (seductive) ... this one is no good too
-Master, please watch me (maid-like) Master? [in a " Who? " way]
-There you are (respectful, feminine; the kind of speech Princess Shine uses) No issue with the inflection but this, too, isn't ...
-Lamia is here ! (samurai-flick like, goofily hot-blooded;Aschen) Um, what ?
-Don't think you can escape my sights! (Aschen). Mh? What kind of speech mode is this?
-Leave it to me! ( northern dialect; Aschen) Proto-code ?!
-Limiter release, Boom ! Let's cutterize (kirimakuring; it's kiri(cut)makuri(to tear/rip)ing(english inflection). Also, action verb+makuri can be used to signify  doing /verb/ vehemently ) you with the Five Elements Sword! Let's Striking! (Aschen) What the heck did i release?
-It's my turn! (Aschen) Wait, what.
-Limiter release, Yahooo!
I have managed to miss a lot of these battle quotes from Lamia and some of them was really amusing to hear. Big Grin
Thanks. That helps fill-in some of the gaps.

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