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Playstation 4 General Thread
The PS4 controllers are pretty crappy. I have to replace one of the two I've only owned for just over 1 year and though the other doesn't have any button or analog stick problems, it does seem to run out of battery life pretty quick. I have 2 because I have one charging while using the other and generally have to switch off before a day's worth of gaming is done. Sad

BTW, do other folks in the US see CoD: BO3 for free this month in addition to the already listed PS+ games?
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My PS4 controller is getting worn out itself, and I've only had it for about 3.5 years... the X button is pressed in quite a bit. Analog is fine although FF12 running is very annoying because that game has sensitive running controls and running isn't constant if the analog is worn out...

I have a new PS4 controller too but I don't want to use that just yet. Gonna get the most use from my current controller. I have the same logic for my PS3 controller, I have a new one as back-up in case my old one is completely used up.
The CoD Black Ops III was free as per E3 promotion for PSPlus users.
I grabbed it, dunno if I gonna play it, tho.

PS4 controllers have always have crappy battery. That one is no secret.
Yeah, they theoretically use the same Lithium types as PS3, and SHOULD have the same life span. However the light bar and touch pad add to the batter drain and eat a huge chuck, even more with rumble, the speaker, and if you're using a plug in headphones.

You can manually turn off most of them to conserve power but the light bar must be on at all times and Kaz flat out responded to a tweet years ago saying no there will never be a function to disable the light bar.

Control wise I've gon through about 3 or 4. They wear down too easily. Most being the analog sticks, specifically the left one since it's usually the most button in all games. Most of mines wear down in that they act as if up is always slightly being nudged.
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Now that you mention it, my left analog feels wobbly too. Hmm....
Yeah, it's usually always the first to wear out. It just by default gets the most use out of all other buttons.

So, an old chap from Junkus told me an intriguing story. A source they know says Sony developed a high quality emulator capable of getting PS3 games to function on the PS4 very easily. And it emulates almost flawlessly that it requires very little changes to the games code in order to run on the entirely different architecture. Which is quite annoying, especially because of things like the Cell Processor. The emulator itself is also something that runs directly off the disk instead of something a part of the PS4's architecture.

This is partly why we've recently been getting so many Remasters recently and many more coming out. According to his source, Yakuza 3, 4 and 5 are using this emulator, and Vesperia, Clannad, and a few other VNs are believed to be as well. Not only that Rockstar has already submitted the paper work in order to get their old PS3 games ported as well.

What's good is that Sony can pump out remasters faster and easier then ever before. But the downside is that....Sony can pump out remasters faster and easier then ever before......
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(06-18-2018, 08:37 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: The CoD Black Ops III was free as per E3 promotion for PSPlus users.
I grabbed it, dunno if I gonna play it, tho.

BO1+2 have a better story. While a sequel, the third game is standalone (there is a passing mention to a BO2 character). It's still much better than Ghosts.

Gameplay-wise, it's definitely a bit harder than the previous BOs. Your cybernetic abilities (aka "magic") help mitigate the difficulty, though. Can't comment on multiplayer since I don't play online nowadays.

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