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Playstation 4 General Thread
I see no point in getting this Playstation Classic system.

Aside from Tekken 3, EVERYTHING on here is already available on PSN via PS3, PSP or Vita. Plus, that controller is the original one, not the Dualshock which is less of a incentive too...

The games for the most part are pretty good, but nothing to set the world on fire with. NES and SNES Classics were sought after because Nintendo does not make it easy for their games to be accessible especially on their outdated online systems. Aside from the PS4, these games have been available for a long time already on 3 systems although PSP is dead you can still download them on a PS3 and transfer them to a PSP or Vita too.
(12-05-2018, 11:42 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: 20! LEGENDARY! GAMES!

Sony: Buy this, please. (´;д;`)

>No Legend of Dragoon
>No Megaman Legends

Those weren't even supposed to be puns, those 2 damn well should have been there, at least the former. The big speculation is Sony made this easily hack/modable so that people will buy it on that alone, like how PSP and PSP GO sales sky rockted after how easy it was discovered to add roms to them. Which form a Business standpoint would be a perfect plan, since it's literally what everyone did with the NES and SNES classic.
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