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Playstation 4 General Thread
So yeah, basically like the Vita one, only more PS4 centric.

Random If anyones interested, there's a couple nice FREE PS4 themes on the JP PSN right now. Some are basic, but some have custom  icons and music as well. Was bored so decided to try them and take screen shots. They're all actually really ncie. Plus as said, FREE.

Gundam Battle Operation NEXT
Spoiler Show
[Image: cndK9km.jpg]

[Image: YhcSwW6.jpg]

Walkyria Chronicles Remastered
Spoiler Show
[Image: T0zWlqA.jpg]

[Image: PJa9lif.jpg]

3 different ones for iDOLM@STER Platinun Stars
Spoiler Show
[Image: lJch1d3.jpg]

[Image: FmZMSpP.jpg]

[Image: H5o8hvv.jpg]

[Image: 7pAfkyX.jpg]

Dragonquest Heroes II x Dragonquest 30th Anniversary
Spoiler Show
[Image: AgOwZcJ.jpg]

[Image: T65MOgI.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I'm using the SRWOG TMD theme I got from the game. Pretty good.
There was MD theme?
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Hmm? Yes, there is. I got it as a DLC code in the SRWOGTMD box.
Got a nice background and some icons. We got all J's protagonist as icons, Calvina, Festenia, Touya, Melua, Katia, and Shana Mia IIRC.
Any custom music?
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
I've always disliked how Sony's themes are oftentimes little more than a background. Years of CXMB themes on the PSP is a spoiling experience.
I don't remember having any new music in the menu while using TDM Theme. Just the usual gloomy PS4 BGM.
Speaking of that BGM, it's better than Vita's home BGM (which I've turned off). Not by a mile, but at least I haven't turned it off yet.
It's been so long I can't even remember what it sounded like (Vitas). PS4's I'm alright with. when I first turned on my PS4, it was pretty nice and soothing. Some other themes also have good music. Like the free Final Fantasy XIV theme, the music for it is awesome. (Theme of Ishgard)

While I hate PS NOW Itself, the theme and music for it are also nice. There was also the Playstation 20 year Anniversary free theme that change your PS4 start up sound into that of the original PlayStation.

But out of all the themes I've seen, the best looking, sounding, and just overall coolest theme I've seen for PS4 is easily the Mirrors Edge Catalyst dynamic theme.

Always loved the aesthitcs and world design of mirrors edge. (Too bad the plat, character, and everything else sucked about it). Even jus the blinking lights on the sky scrapers get me. But the problem with said awesome theme, is that it was ONLY available to people who pre-ordered ME2, and even though the game came out a while ago, is still exclusive to that.

It sucks because I wanted it, but didn't want to pay 60 Tricky-Dick Funbux for a game that we all knew was going to be garbage. (And haha, it did turn out that way after it came out)
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Details for the next big PS4 Firmware update are coming out.

That really made my day. For the longest I've been wanting the ability to throw all the useless forced garbage APPs and services I don't want to usee in a single folder and throw it out of sight, just like on the Vita. The OCD in me can't stand how aesthetically unpleasing it is to have those things on my bar.

My one complaint though is that I really wish they'd just let us set up our own background images ilke we can on PS3 and Vita. Most of the "themes" on the NA PSN are literally just people flooding the store with garbage low quality resolution images and gifs, and trying to sell them for double what official themes go for.

Same with the massive amount of shovelshit avatars just flooding the store. Most of which are just text, stolen memes, ripped off characters "AMERICAN COMIC HERO ORIGINAL IDEA DO NOT STEAL", Or the large amount of bootleg wanna be anime characters who for whatever reason, ALL of their names start with A.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Haha, so I'm not the only one making folder "Junk" in my Vita and dumped all those useless stuffs in there. XD

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