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~Atelier~ series
Just finished platinuming it and stored it away. It was fun and cute. ^^
[Image: DragenGD.png]
Details on teh final game on the Mysterious series will be out soon.

No, just no. just stop it. They're not going to recreate what was Escha and Logy. It'll just fial like Shallie, mainly because the not Shallote Shallie was just so plan and boring.

Played Sohpie a few weeks ago....It felt like Baby's First Atelier. There wasn't even really much of a story, and felt more slice of life then anything. Platcha's story was maybe like 15% of everything? Also Logy....FUCK Logy. This douche bag was not MY Logy. Not in any way. What a cheap attempt to pander.

I haven't played Ferris but I'm already pissed about them throwing in Escha, only now making her 10 years younger where as Logy was made 10 years OLDER. I hope the Mysterious series dies soon.

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