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~Atelier~ series
Top Nep Wrote:I actually liked them both eqaully. Logy was cool, and just a normal guy with his own problems. Escha was a lot more fun and entertaining then I thought she'd be. She didn't feel as forced moe as others like Totori and most of Arland felt. She just had a cute design as a bonus.

    Was hoping Twilight Ocean would get some of that, but NOPE. The duo protagonist mechanic didn't work with Shallote and Shallistera. Hell, Shallotte felt like the only protagonists.

    -90% of the events revolve around her, and the town she lives in/the game mainly takes place in.
    -the two don't even formerlly meet and team up until the half way mark or later
    -They don't really build up much of  a partnership other then cute girls doing cute things, and a one chapter that felt really forced
    -Shallote's story was simply about finding a place in the world, a future, etc.

    -Shallistera? Some sort of no name princess/preistess from some dyeing village who wants to save her people. A VILLAGE AND PEOPLE YOU NEVER EVEN MEET OR TRY TO HELP. They might as well have not even given her a bacl story.

    Plus as a bonus Shallote just looked cuter with the skirt, green hair, and cat cap.

Wow. I expect better out of Gust than hamming a character in like that for the sake of continuing with a mechanic.
Atelier Firis for PS4 and PS Vita launches spring 2017 in the west, PC version announced.

Wow, is that the first Atelier game for PC?
It is, yes.

Also it's not stated anywhere (except in the Japanese PS Blog) but Firis has PS4 Pro enhancements
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
Hopefully they'll port the rest to steam.
Indeed. It would be nice if they would drastically improve textures for any PC ports but I won't hold my breath.
The final game for the Mysterious series of games for the Atelier franchise has been revealed, "Atelier Lidy and Soeur: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting"

Considering how bad the other 2 in the series were, this probably won't be much different and it Already seems like it wants to try to ride of the huge Popularity they had with dual protagonists of Escha and Logy in Twilight Sky.

But most likely will fail like Twilight Ocean again where they tried to pull it off, and failed miserably because really only one of the girls felt like the actual MC, the other was just there with some boring story about her dieing village, which never actually comes up in the main plot and is just a mcGuffin and forced drama. (Plus she looked so bland while Shallote was best girl all the way)
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I need to play, beat, and platinum my copy of Firis sometime... it's sitting at the top of my stack of games. Someone remind me... I think I read that you want to get to an end game asap and start a new game plus mode right away because it then gives all costumes all bonuses or something like that?
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I haven't even touched Totori and Meruru. T_T
Having a PS4 really lessens my desire to touch PS3.

Not gonna try that Online Mobage Atelier game, though.
I agree with that, Andy. I still have so many games to play or beat on PS3, but doesn't seem too likely with the PS4 hooked up instead. And tomorrow I'm going to buy my own PS4 (1 tb gold bundle! <3) instead of using my roomy's all the time. I platinumed Roroni, Totori, Meruru, and one other that's name escapes me before dropping the ball on Escha & Logy. Got to new game plus and just got bored with it. Sad

But I've enjoyed the PS4 ones. With no new games I want to play out until October, now's my time to play Firis.
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I bought Firis during the golden weeab sale, but havn't touched it. Digimon World Next 0rder has bene taking up all m time.
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