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I need URGENT Help Guys
If you call support something might be able to be done.
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I believe it's in your email settings.
Look for security options, there should be a 2-step verification there.
As long as you can't access your email and Yahoo claims it doesn't exist and taken at the same time, we can only speculate. It seems reaching their sucky customer service is your only hope. An unlikely option is pay some hacker who is as good as movie hackers. Kinda feel bad about saying this but maybe you should prepare to accept the worst in case it comes...
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Where does one even get a hacker like that?!
Although I thi it should be easier than getting a response from Yahoo customers service.....
Hackers will try to get into any account they come across (at least some of them do) for the simple sake of seeing what is in there that they may be able to make money off of it, and generally mess with it. There are a lot of hackers and being a small fish in a huge see doesn't provide the protection you think it does. Hackers aren't like stalkers, they hacked your account because they could and were aware of it. Strong passwords, changing passwords and 2-step verification are about the only way you are going to reasonably protect you account. That's assuming they go in the front door rather exploiting some flaw in the security of your email provider.

To simplify: It was just REALLY bad luck you got hacked.
I see, still, my question is: is there anyway to get it back? anyway to contact with Yahoo? Anyway at all?
Best I can offer is the Yahoo site... I don't know of any phone number you can call and ask.
There is nothing at the Yahoo site that helps in this case, sadly.
I've tried all the options.
Can you contact them after clicking through here?
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Double post, but you need to see this too maybe:
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