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SRW DB - an SRW fangame!
[Image: 4a2Cfm1.png]

Hello, since this is an SRW related forum, I thought that people might be interested in playing my new SRW fangame which was recently completed a few days ago.

Series List:
*Live A Live (Mecha Chapter)
*Tristia of the Deep Blue Sea
*Tetsujin 28 (2004)
*Beat Angel Escalayer
Fight! Iczer-1
G Gundam

I used a Japanese engine for this so a lot of the interface is unfortunately still in Japanese, but the story/ability/spirit commands/etc are in English (unless I accidentally missed anything). I included some picture translations for the untranslated parts but mostly you should read the readme.txt before starting.

If you need any tech support or bug reports etc, just give me a holler here.

(This is the right place to post this, correct? I almost posted this in the main SRW discussion forum)
I love your title art! It's so cute. XD Did you draw it?

I'll check this out later, seems neat.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
Isn't Escalayer a hentai anime/eroge? XD
I've played this, its fun. It needs more english menus, I got quite confused with what i was doing.

(08-07-2016, 10:24 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: Isn't Escalayer a hentai anime/eroge? XD

I Believe so.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
(08-07-2016, 05:26 AM)Orochi Kusanagi Wrote: I love your title art! It's so cute. XD Did you draw it?

Some fan who really liked it drew it for me.
Trailer for a sequel done in the game engine itself, but it probably won't have anything playable for a while.
The sequel to DB - SRW GR, now has a 50% demo release!


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