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Sprite Rips
Hibiki Kamishiro - Vanargandr Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Hibiki_zpsb3a1ac04.jpg]

Hibiki Kamishiro - Storm Bringer ( a )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-HibikiandSuzune1_zps10f822bd.jpg]

Hibiki Kamishiro - Storm Bringer ( b )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-HibikiandSuzune2_zpsce72f85f.jpeg]

Hibiki Kamishiro - Storm Bringer ( c )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-HibikiandSuzune3_zps0bb024bc.jpeg]

Hibiki Kamishiro - Storm Bringer ( d )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-HibikiandSuzune4_zpsbb97e472.jpg]

Hibiki Kamishiro - Hound Penetrator Cut In
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.2%20-%20Hibiki_zpszcx4a57v.jpg]

Genion - D Solid Punisher
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Genion2_zps2d73cd59.jpeg]

Genion - Accel Glaive
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Genion3_zps34923fbe.jpg]

Genion - Storm Bringer
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Genion1_zps6f7b006e.jpg]

Genion Gai - Nibelung Annihilation
[Image: th_SRWZ31-GenionGai1_zpsbb31112d.jpeg]

Geminion Rei - Balmung Elimination
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.2%20-%20Geminion%20Ray_zps2pakzhnc.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]
Sagara Sousuke (Z3.1) - Monomolecular Cutter Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Sousuke1_zps44c62b16.jpg]

Kurz Weber - Monomolecular Cutter Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Kurz_zpscc232db9.jpg]

Melissa Mao - Monomolecular Cutter Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Mao_zps81b9be17.jpg]

Belfangan Clouseau - Crimson Edge Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Bel_zps26512da7.jpg]

Teletha Testarossa (Z3.1) - Cruise Missile Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Tessa_zps22c37605.jpg]

Gauron - Monomolecular Cutter (Lambda Driver) Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Gauron_zpsf6694c22.jpg]

Gates - Machine Gun Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Gates_zpsf0914990.jpg]

Xia Yu Fan - Monomolecular Cutter Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-XiaYunFan_zpsbe48164f.jpg]

ARX-7 Arbalest - Assault (Z3.1)
[Image: th_SRWZ31-ARX-7Arbalest1_zpsad075002.jpg]

ARX-7 Arbalest - Assault (Z3.2)
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.2%20-%20ARX-7%20Arbalest_zpsg54fzfst.jpeg]

ARX-8 Laevatein - Demolition Gun (Gun Howitzer Mode)
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.2%20-%20ARX-8%20Laevatein%20...iwz0s.jpeg]

ARX-8 Laevatein - Lambda Strike
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.2%20-%20ARX-8%20Laevatein%20...o74ms2.jpg]

Bonta-kun - Bonta-kun Simultaneous Attack
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.2%20-%20Bonta-kun_zpsg2boxmsw.jpg]

Plan-1058 Codarl-i - Machinegun ( a )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-CodarlI1_zps26626aa9.jpg]

Plan-1058 Codarl-i - Machinegun ( b )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-CodarlI2_zpsf1732678.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]
Basara Nekki - Totsugeki Love Heart Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Basara_zps3bb1a709.jpg]

Kallen Kouzuki - Armor-Piercing Bombardment-Type Radiation Wave Unit Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Kallen_zps2cec029e.jpg]

Lelouch Lamperouge - Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Lelouch1_zps884d8d4c.jpg]

Ryouma Nagare - Getter Strangle Cut In
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.1%20-%20Ryouma2_zpstzuishax.jpg]

Ryouma Nagare - Overhead Getter Beam Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Ryouma_zps9e0955ca.jpg]

Shinji Ikari - Gattling Cannon Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Shinji_zps16239722.jpg]

Rei Ayanami - Pallet Rifle Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Rei_zps733ae414.jpg]

Asuka Shikinami Langley - Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Asuka_zpsd3e4a423.jpg]

Mari Makinami Illustrious - Super-Electromagnetic Crossbow Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Mari_zps4a4e5b25.jpg]

EVA-00 - Tackle
[Image: th_SRWZ31-EVA00_zpsc38b3cec.jpg]

EVA-02 - Armed Simultaneously Attack
[Image: th_SRWZ31-EVA02_zps76aacfd6.jpg]

Black Getter - Getter Beam
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.1%20-%20Black%20Getter1_zpsyxrhazgt.jpg]

Black Getter - Getter Strangle
[Image: th_SRW%20Z3.1%20-%20Black%20Getter2_zpseqqaurls.jpg]

Shin Getter 1 - Getter Beam
[Image: th_SRWZ31-ShinGetter1_zps3ddf57b3.jpg]

Shinkirou - Diffusion Structure Phase Transition Cannon
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Shinkirou1_zpsbb622ce3.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]
Did my best to redraw this. Guess this will do for now until Rom Stoll (or some other generous soul) extracts the sprite data for SRW OG MD.

Calvina Coulange - Orgone Rifle (A Mode) Cut In - (version 0)
[Image: th_SRW%20OG%20MD%20-%20Calvinav0_zpsimwxsm9p.jpg]

Secondly. Did a collage based on the sprite rips (with courtesy of Rom Stoll for the extraction) that I have done. Hope this is good on everyone's taste.

[Image: SRW%20Wall1_zpskiji9ykx.jpg]

[Image: th_SRW%20Wall2_zpsseaum4jh.jpg]

[Image: th_SRW%20Wall3_zps0i2yurrd.jpg]

[Image: th_SRW%20Wall4_zpsmxikasah.jpg]

[Image: th_SRW%20Wall5_zpss3hyuhv9.jpg]

[Image: th_SRW%20Wall6_zpszozfj596.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]
Kouji Kabuto - Breast Fire Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Kouji1_zps3bfff19f.jpg]

Amuro Ray - Beam Rifle Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Amuro_zps1bfd0070.jpg]

Char Aznable - Funnel Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Char_zpsb5889201.jpg]

Gyunei Guss - Funnel Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Gyunei_zps0f4f0229.jpg]

Kamille Bidan - High Mega Launcher Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Kamille_zps9a204c04.jpg]

Banagher Links - Beam Magnum Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Banagher_zps1f3afe14.jpg]

Bright Noah - Mega Particle Cannon Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Bright_zps39dac796.jpg]

Marida Cruz - Beam Saber Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Marida_zps49c71b14.jpg]

Riddhe Marcenas - Continuous Attack Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Riddhe_zps289822d4.jpg]

Mazinger Z - Photonic Beam
[Image: th_SRWZ31-MazingerZ1_zps5ea1d640.jpg]

Unicorn Gundam - Beam Magnum
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Unicorn1_zpsc5686575.jpg]

Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) - NTD Continuous Attack
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Unicorn2_zps41a22de3.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]
The team collage is pretty impressive :0
Can't come up with a striking / smartass / profound sounding line ...
Roger Smith - Sudden Impact Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Roger1_zpsb0d615ce.jpg]

Roger Smith - Final Stage Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Roger2_zpsbf77d55a.jpg]

R. Dorothy Wayneright - Final Stage Cut In ( a )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Dorothy1_zps51afa6e9.jpg]

R. Dorothy Wayneright - Final Stage Cut In ( b )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Dorothy2_zps88e7f4ab.jpg]

Big O - Chrome Buster ( a )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-BigO1_zpsef912a43.jpg]

Big O - Chrome Buster ( b )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-BigO2_zps91c26139.jpg]

Big O - O Thunder
[Image: th_SRWZ31-BigO3_zps33537c38.jpg]

Big O - Final Stage
[Image: th_SRWZ31-BigO4_zpsbf422fc7.jpg]

Scopedog - Assault Combat ( a )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Scopedog1_zps55fe16d8.jpg]

Scopedog - Assault Combat ( b )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Scopedog2_zps7e682af1.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]
Raidiese F. Branstein - Hi-Zol Launcher (Barrage / Focused) Cut In
[Image: th_SRW%20OG%202nd%20-%20Rai2_zpsid2dbcvr.jpg]

Raidiese F. Branstein - Hi-Zol Launcher (Barrage / Focused) Cut In (with cockpit)
[Image: th_SRW%20OG%202nd%20-%20Rai2v2_zpsfvzphkxl.jpg]

Raidiese F. Branstein - Tenjou Tenge Nendou Bakusai Ken Cut In
[Image: SRW%20OG%202nd%20-%20Rai1_zpsenprz7d1.jpg]

R-2 Powered - Hi-Zol Launcher (Barrage / Focused) ( a )
[Image: th_SRW%20OG%202nd%20-%20R2P2_zpskf3and9m.jpg]

R-2 Powered - Hi-Zol Launcher (Barrage / Focused) ( b )
[Image: SRW%20OG%202nd%20-%20R2P1_zpssan7m7w2.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]
Amata Sora, Mikono Suzushiro, Zessica Wong - Super Dimensional Mugen Punch Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-AquarionElements1_zps4e0287ca.jpg]

Amata Sora, Zessica Wong, Kagura Demuri - All Together Attack Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-AquarionElements2_zpsb7f7bd20.jpg]

Cayenne Suzushiro - Trinity Requiem Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Cayenne_zps95d29cf6.jpg]

Shrade Elan - Moonlight Rhapsody Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Shrade1_zps86e5e04f.jpg]

Shrade Elan - Trinity Requiem Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Shrade2_zps0dd7bb08.jpg]

Kagura Demuri - Mugen Punch Cut In ( a )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Kagura1_zps39f16ab0.jpg]

Kagura Demuri - Mugen Punch Cut In ( b )
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Kagura2_zps26f09531.jpg]

Towano Mykage - Inifinite Palm of the Buddha Cut In
[Image: th_SRWZ31-Mykage_zps4506d4d3.jpg]

Aquarion EVOL - All Together Attack
[Image: th_SRWZ31-AquarionEVOL_zps55708809.jpg]

Aquarion Gepard - Bye Bye Missiles
[Image: th_SRWZ31-AquarionGepard_zpsc1e554d4.jpg]

Aquarion Espada - Moonlight Requiem
[Image: th_SRWZ31-AquarionEspada1_zps14d23e1d.jpg]

Aquarion Espada - Moonlight Rhapsody
[Image: th_SRWZ31-AquarionEspada2_zps72633021.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]
Gotta hand it to Mechanical Savior / Rom Stoll (Wherever you are right now) / sar777 for the Sprite Rips.

SRW OG MD - Battle sprites Part 1

SRW OG MD - Battle sprites Part 2

[Image: SRW%20OG%20MD%20-%20TouyaKatiaFestinaMel...8h5aok.jpg]
[Image: josh_banner_02v2_zps2gpankjs.jpg]

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