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Dragonball Z Dokkan Battle
Anyone playin' this here game?

Been playing this since just after it came out. One of the only Mobage's I haven't stopped playing. 8th World Tournament is on and you get a free Bulma right off the bat and a few pretty rad cards for participatin' a bit.
Been thinking abuot it for a while but wasn't sure if I could handle a third mobage. How does it play and what cahracters are available?
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
You get your team of six, one leader. All cards above the common (called N here) rarity have leader skills. Everyone has link skills to make creating teams more fun and interesting. Cards can be awakened by one step to increase level cap and rarity using awakening medals gained through daily events. Dupes are used to "train" to increase special attack up to a rank of 10. Rarities are N R SR SSR and UR.

Game plays on a board, you have three rolls, 1-6. Select what you want, you move on the board toward capsules, (awakening medals, training items, or support items. Support items change ki spheres, heal, or a couple of other things) enemies, or spots that deal damage. Get to boss, fight and win.

It's a semi puzzle scenario. Between your team and the enemy are ki spheres of different colors. Each color is a card type. Blue is Agility, Green is Technique, Purple is Intelligence, Red is Strength, Orange is Physical. Weaknesses and strengths go in a reverse of that order. Rainbow spheres are free spheres that link the combo between spheres. Select a row that matches, get 1 ki for rainbow or different color spheres or 2 ki for same color as the attacking character's type. A character can have a max of 12 ki. At 12 you activate your super, anything less is a normal attack. Everyone has a limit on minimum spheres needed for full attack/defense. Match spheres, they disappear, lines drop down, more spawn in.

Any given fight is 3 of your fighters per turn vs. 3 enemies. You can change your 3 current ally positions to defend against where the enemy lines up on the bar. You can also tap on any given enemy on their top bar to change targets. Finish a turn, dial spins, next 3 characters against the random enemy placement, and so on.

All the Dragonball characters in the game seem to be limited to tournament draws. Participate in World Tournament, get tickets as missions prizes, tournament finale prizes, increasing your tier, or finishing a certain amount of rounds. You end up getting multiple draws per tournament without working for it. It's nice.

Dragonball Z characters are all over the place and special gachas change weekly. The friend gacha is nice because now it gives out money units and pre-awakened N units that dish out nice EXP when training. There's also the ever elusive Pilaf machine that's rare as all hell. There's most of the movies in the game now the ones not in the game yet, as far as I know, are Wrath of the Dragon, World's Strongest, Lord Slug, Bio Broly, Dead Zone, the Dragonball ones, and A Hero's Legacy. Other than that, there's tons of units now and I constantly get something new.

The drop system, for me, is pretty good. I've gotten my fair share of SSR and SRs that make the game feel fair and that I really don't seem to be wasting my dragon stones (premium currency for draws) on single summons. I've spent no money on the game and 10 UR and 60 or so SSR.

The events range between beginner friendly and nearly impossible, with a constant event for beginners that net you infinite Gokus that can be Z Awakened into Angel Gokus and yet again into Super Saiyan Gokus. An event that's hard as hell popped up that fishes out awakening medals to further awaken that goku into another version.

Then there's the Broly event and few just like it. You neat a very strict set of cards, some of which are either event exclusive or rare gacha pulls, to come close to competing in them, let alone winning. Which you have to beat at least 10 times to awaken your SSR Broly you probably didn't pull from the special Gacha. BUT they did make the stage right before that easy enough and gave me a different Broly. I was content.

Also, nothing aside from certain Dragonball units seem gacha exclusive. You get the event that increases the odds a bit, then it's all dumped into the main gacha pile. Each week they rotate the events and include old ones. You never really miss out on anything. Unless it's a tournament reward.

They also LOVE giving away free stones. Like, holy shit. Starting a new game two weeks ago net you, like, 90 stones because of the anniversary and the 77 million downloads. Other than that, constant log in bonuses and compensation for maintenance that dish out one at a time.
I'll give it a try. Hopefully I won't have to reset too much to get something good.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
It's a fun game. JP frequently has 150+ dragon stone rerolls.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
What are those ? Tried 3 times. My initial roll is always an SR?

The 2 rolls I can do after the tutorial have so far only been Rs.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Dragon stones? They're gems/crystals/quartz currency.

Are you doing JP or English?
[Image: Lancerow.png]
.....there's an english?
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Yeah dude. Only ones I know that have an english version are this and One Piece's one. Also, recently learned that you can change the audio in options in the English version from Japanese voices to English. and they sound really weird.
Got the English version. So what are the rates for SSRS fr9m the non new player gachas?
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