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Dragonball Super
(05-08-2017, 03:04 PM)Top Nep Wrote: Spoilers for upcoming episodes.Too lazy to repost properly on my phone so just linking it

As to SSB, doubt it. A huge part ever since the Trunks saga was that Blue much less "higher levels" don't mean much anymore in terms of power. Trunks at still technically just SSJ2 surpassed SSB, and now we see others such as Piccolo and 17 have greatly increased in power over the years as well. Not to mention they've made it clear that power isn't everything inthe tournament.

A lot of DB groups I'm in are flipping their heads over the Power Scaling dilemma that DBS is showing ever since the Future Trunks arc. Their consensus is that since SSB allows Goku to have full control of his Ki, he can in turn adjust his power to match that of his opponent's. I find that bonkers since he can practically do that already in his base form, so there is no reason for him to go SSB just so he can lower it to match Krillin's. Furthermore, the current "Recruitment Arc" doesn't seem to be part of Toriyama's outline of DBS and is likely a Toei exclusive story before the tournament actually begins.
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Right, it reminds me of before the Cell games when Goku and Gohan were training their ki control and stamina. They kept breaking stuff until they took better control of their powers, but they were finally able to get a handle on things.

The only thing I can think of now, is that they can still suppress their power to that degree, but the problem is that Goku for instance is many many many times more powerful than he was during Cell games. To keep that level of ki control, to go from super strong to super weak, SSB might be the key to that problem.

Not sure if you guys have heard it, but an interesting point of discussion floating around is the Water Tank theory, check it out sometime.

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There's no real reason for it or theories for it. They flat out said it many times, and most recently in the Trunks arc when he outright asked why the hell Goku didn't go full power vs black. Vegetables told him that Goku has the bad habit of always holding back with lower levels to prolong the fight for the sake of his own amusement. As well as just to draw out a fight in general for air time purposes, Simple as that. Vegetables and Gohan also do the same some times. Trunks is pretty much the only character who goes full power right off the start , since he's not blinded by pride, self Indulgent, or looking for a good fight.

It adds to Goku''s character that he's a self-centered as hole who only fights for his own selfish reasons and personal intrist.

Wich was actually a reason Toriyama took Super hands on. He had no real involvement in Z, and always disliked how the siws staff tried to make Goku look like some heroic character.

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