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Dragonball Super
(07-24-2017, 11:02 AM)Top Nep Wrote: Brolly was full blown legally retarded. Everything just because Goku as a baby was crying? Really? That's the entire motivation for everthing?

That's really dumb, but...

So I finally watched the 1-hour episode of DBS. Quick thoughts:

>AFAIK, Goku's success rate of using the Spirit Bomb to defeat his opponents is horrible. Not counting the movies and GT, the only time the Spirit Bomb actually defeated someone was Kid Buu.

>Frieza saying the whole thing reminds him of what happened at Namek is no coincidence. Goku failing to outpower Jiren even with SSB+KKx20 was obviously a rehash of how his KKx20 was ineffective against Frieza. And Goku's Ultra Instinct form is reminiscent of when he turned SS1 for the first time.

>The Elder Kai mentioned in a previous episode of using the same method he did to Gohan on unlocking Goku's hidden potential. It is possiible Goku's Ultra Instinct form is that very hidden potential. A bigger question is whether this was the form Goku was actually talking about when he mentioned of surpassing his limit in his encounter with Toppo at the exhibition match.

>Somehow, Goku's new form did reminded me of Ichigo from Bleach when he gained a power boost (forgot what that is) but it had serious drawbacks.

>The effects of Ultra Instinct is somewhat similar to the Newtype/Coordinator abilities found in the Gundam franchise - both have the capacity of 'sensing' what the other person will do and react instinctively.

>The negative effects of the Ultra Instinct form is something that is expected of keeping Goku grounded and not being too hax. This is something Toriyama has done with virtually all of the power ups Goku has gained.

>Given that Jiren is not really a villain, I am predicting that the end result of the Goku/Jiren fight would be similar to the Goku/Pikkon fight in which Goku would defeat Jiren physically, but will lose out of a technicality. This will maintain Toriyama's policy of avoiding the trope of 'the protagonist always wins'.

>It's worth noting that it is unknown if Ultra Instinct and its effects is something that is included in Toriyama's draft, or may be changed come the manga version much like the SSB form.

>With the Ultra Instinct, Goku now officially has 3 various forms he can use - the Super Saiyan forms (SS3 at max); Super Saiyan God (max at SSB+KKx20), and now Ultra Instinct. The more recent Ultraman shows have similar features as well.
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After hearing this set of news which cites the Kanzenshuu as the source, I am legitimately considering suspending my attention to the series. While I particularly don't hate the current arc, the reason why I dropped watching Naruto entirely when it was airing is because I got incredibly tired of the show's ultra-slow pacing and read the manga instead. When the Naruto manga ended, the anime took 1-2 years for it to end before it was replaced with Boruto.

I get the impression Toei and Shueisha now want DBS to run for just as long as other shows like One Piece, Case Closed, Doraemon, and Pokemon (the latter about to air its 1000th episode in a few days). I'm reminded of how the Clone Wars series lasted for 7 years, while timeline-wise, it's set between Episodes 2 and 3 (it's one of the reasons I avoided watching Clone Wars altogether). I personally cannot commit to watching that long for a series that may or may not end at the point Goku meets Uub in DBZ. Should DBS indeed retcon DBZ's ending, then yes, I would like to see where the series is headed. But as of now, we haven't reach that point of the narrative yet, regardless of how powerful Goku is.

Again, I'm considering suspending my attention to the series, not dropping it. So basically what it means is I may just skip the rest of the ToP at least until the final fights of the tournament where we see the winner and the aftermath of it. I would also think this lengthening of the ToP arc is to allow Toyotaro to finally catch up with the anime, and allowing him to get ahead of the narrative.
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So Dragon Ball super is ending this march, it wasn't cancelled or anything its just ending a new series is in plans for next year.

The ToP started good but last few episodes they dropped the ball (no pun intended) after the studio moved to a different area its evident that the last few episodes that have aired are rushed. they wasted too much time with the horrible universe 4 and when it was time to show what Toppo could do, they literally ruined him. His fight vs Vegeta was great but he needed more time and should have knocked out 17, but no all he did was beat the shit out of Frieza and lose to Vegeta.

Jiren has been a boring antagonist overall and I hope the manga does a better job than the anime did. TOEI is just taking the notes from Toriyama and interpreting that into the anime, while the manga toriyama is working closer with Toyotaro

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