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Dragonball Super
Anyone else watching this?

The first year was pretty meh because it was basically just a lower budget version of Battle of Gods and Resurection of F, but the recent and actually new arc about Future Trunks has definitely been one of the better ones in both all of super and most of Z.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Dragonball is that series I watch when I'm bored, bummed, or need something to do on the side while I have busy work. Super is the best thing to happen to me in a very long time.

That said, I wish they'd take the show just a bit more seriously. I also know that Toriyama wants to have fun with this, but lord has Goku regressed as a character. I love this show, save for the three part mini arc that was bleh. I mean, the art has had some REAL issues here and there, but that's how that works.

I've been speculatin' and wishin' real hard for various things to happen. I swear to god Gohan better be makin' that book he made in Dragonball Online that taught the world the secret to harnessing ki so he has some rad reason to be so under utilized, especially after asking Piccolo to train him again.

What with the constant humbling of Vegeta, they should do something about Goku taking literally nothing seriously any more. Remind him of how many times people have died from him goofin' around. Either way, Dragonball is back and still super fun. (and has a surprising amount of parallels to GT when you think about it... Hmm..)
Well in the case of Goku, he's always been an idiot. This Goku is just more inline with how Toriyama wanted. Easy going, fun loving, and so on. But at least the the show and characters flat out address that he's both an idiot and too gullible.

"What's that Trunks? This Black fellow killed your mother, 99% of your world, your waifu, and is now here to kill you? BRB, GONNA GO PLAY WITH WITH HIM!" (Which Trunks even address why the hell is Goku not taking this seriously and Vegeta replied that he's basically a douche bag.

Overall all though the 2 movies and Super are more closer to the tone of the original Dragonball, unlike Z's attempt to always keep everything super serious and over dramatic. Which I've enjoyed much more. Especially this recent Trunks Arc. It's nice that he's actually being focused on as the main character of his own arc, but god has it been one depressing episode after another. There are no brakes on the Zetsubou Express.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Super has been filled with some of my favorite episodes. I would honestly super love a slice of life sorta Dragonball show where they don't really have giant arcs or fight stuff. A nice side show where they enjoy their constantly hard earned peace. So all the episodes that have addressed that kind of aspect are just so good. Uncle Piccolo might be my favorite thing.

I also adored a few differences they made during the first two arcs that covered the movies. The music that they played when Goku underwent the Super Saiyan God transformation made it feel less like another form and more like a real, legendary thing. I also loved what they did with Tagoma this time around. Everything leading up to the Golden Frieza fight was pretty rad.

I could use less "Alright, guess I should stop fooling around and get serious". They did that during the Goku/Beerus fight a dozen times alone.
Yeah, those easy going episodes have been great. Last weeks with Trunks, (even though it had one of the saddest scenes in all the DB franchise), Goku's midlife Crisis, and even this weeks episode where 18 teases Trunks.

As to your Gohan comment, probably is. Toriyama wrote a lot of the stuff/setting, etc for Online, and is also now heavily involved with Xenoverse 2. He also made a comment a few months back about how this Trunks arc would be important as a whole and special, and involve all the time lines. (Which has lead people to believe that Z, BoG/RoF, and Super are all 3 separate time lines. Or at leas the 2 movies and Super).

Some are taking it that Toriyama might be trying to piece everything together. Z, Super, Online, and possibly even Xenoverse to a certain non-canon/alternate timeline extent. (Time Breaker Bardock and others from Online are making appearances)

I do like that Vegeta's time with Whis and Beerus seems to have gotten him to think straighter. From last weeks "I'll kill black for killing my wife and sons future" to what next week what seems like he's come to an understanding that neither he nor Goku can beat Black but he has to have Trunks do it himself. (Other wise nothing gets solved and next time Trunks will just have to return to the past yet again).

Blueper Saiyan God Trunks probably will happen, though unsure if next week or not.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Man, I really like the idea of Dragonball have.. How do you say... A Multiverse? mmmhohohohoho.

Linking, even if only lightly, the show, Xenoverse, maybe even Heroes (albeit as loosely as it can get without being totally unrelated) would be fun. The show itself wouldn't do too well if they got too into it, but making that bridge would be neat.

Vegeta acting like a father is fantastic and seeing Gohan and Trunks just hang out. Oh man. Also wonder if they're just gonna continue playing off the blue hair, which is fine, or go into the idea of this actually being yet another different Trunks that had a very similar world.

Always wanna give Toriyama the benefit of the doubt, but the dude just wants to have fun and make fun stuff, so it's cool either way. He only remembers so much of the story anyway.
The blue hair was something Toriyama wanted specifically. He always wanted Trunks and Bulma to have the same hair color like they did in the mangas, but apparently things got mixed up with the studio during production of Z. As far as retcons go Bulma already acknowledged Trunks having blue hair when he arrived and was knocked out.

In the end though, it's hard to say if it's that same Trunks, especially if Super and the recent movies are 2 different time lines. There's also the issue that if Black originates from Universe 10, why is he specifically in the original time line of universe 7?
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Latest DB Heroes..thing.

Warning. probably a spoiler or two for Super.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Despite criticisms, I love this series. Epic battles are nice the first time around but they lose their flavor if you've experienced epic battles over the years.

Starting off with the lighter tone then turning darker with Future Trunks' return was just the ticket.

I would really love to see F. Trunks stick with Goku and Vegeta for a while longer. Perhaps even fight in that tournament Zenou-sama was proposing. Still a long way to go until we reach that point, though ;P

By the way, some random trivia, Zenou's voice actress is actually Togepi's Japanese voice actress. Crazy, right?
It's a guilty pleasure every week when it airs and the current F.Trunks arc is bringing back good old high school memories of waiting every week for the exciting next chapter.

I DO get annoyed at how pedantic and critical some fans gets at almost EVERYTHING the show does, at many known DBZ site I visit whether it is deserved or not...

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