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Tabletop Gaming Topic
I'd been retired from Dungeons & Dragons (3rd Edition) for years when one of my old friends resurfaced and told me he was running a Pathfinder game, so it looks like I'm back in the mix again. (I'm really liking the Pathfinder campaign setting, honestly.) This comes after a different friend floated the idea of maybe running a D&D 5th Edition game, and nothing came of that, but I'm still learning that system to mix things up.

So! While I'm here, I thought I'd make a topic for this sort of thing, since I know we've got some tabletop players here. What're you playing? Anything?
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
SRW Fan Since August 8, 2006

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I just have a few games, no real RPGs, though... unless you count "Betrayal at House on the Hill" as one since it's essentially an RPG in a box.
Let's see: I'm running a Shadowrun 5e, Star Wars (using a bastardized Anima Beyond fantasy system, but I'm looking to take a break from that to get the batteries recharged, it's been running since mid-2010), and Spycraft 2.0 (which was formerly a Shadowrun game unto itself). I also play a Fuzion/Mekton game that is sort of a spin-off from Robotech in terms of setting.
I've participated in super watered down 3.e homebrews, then learned about the actual rules and what not about... I dunno.. Five years ago? Did a few pathfinder sessions with some buds that were fun. Also did my first little campaign I made a few months back that two of the three people dipped out of. One because we did stuff late and she had to sleep, one because he was upset with a single small thing I had happen when he went grabbing for things in the dark, and the other was one of my best friends, but can't really continue with just one dude. We only did one night and a small, side quest night.

I've never actually done anything that required previous knowledge. I know nothing of any of these worlds, so it's all been pretty isolated homebrews. Also, most people I know don't like using the full character creator and skimp out on things for ease of access, which is such a giant bummer.
I remember first playing a tabletop RPG way back in the '80s to early '90s (AD&D 2nd Edition). I started as a human paladin that ended up as an ex-paladin / ranger. After many years not playing D&D, I was brought back into it around 2004 after meeting old playmates during a high school reunion. This time it was the 3.5 edition. We basically played our old characters who were reincarnated into new bodies (to better reflect our current attitudes). The DM allowed for the players to be able to access their former abilities albeit with some restrictions. I became a hexblade / warlock who would regain combat bonuses from my time as a paladin and ranger as he levels up, although penalties are incurred when using the paladin and ranger's magic (or divine) abilities. With the advent of the 4th edition in 2008, we decided to end our adventure with a bang by going up against a Nyarlathotep pastiche. While we won the final battle, we were caught in a tear in reality that caused all of us to end up being reborn in a new world.
Some good stories here. Looks like we've all been in one version of D&D 3rd Edition or another.

I guess most of what I used to run qualifies as 3rd Edition homebrew, but I've done a bit with some of the published settings, too. I think I'm the one person who actually likes Greyhawk.

(07-31-2016, 08:59 AM)DairuggerXV Wrote: Let's see: I'm running a Shadowrun 5e.

Ooo, I was eyeballing the core rulebook at the game store the other day. Since you've had a chance to play that edition, what do you think of it? I had a blast back in the early days of 4th Edition.
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
SRW Fan Since August 8, 2006

[Image: Signature%20ndash%20Cool%20Pegas_zpstuoxf14q.jpg]
At first it's actually rather intimidating and the fact that I personally find the core rule book to be a bit of a mess that applies too much fluff in some areas and not enough in others certainly did not help. However, once you get used to the rules, it's one of the better editions I've played with. Something that may be a bit divisive are limits, which are basically a cap on the number of successes you get based on your stats. On the one hand, it helps keep the number of god stats down and keeps you from killing a dragon with a pistol. On the other hand, some players can feel robbed or, more accurately, worry about being robbed of a really good roll being reduced by the limit. However, in my time of playing it I've only ever seen the limit hit twice. The first time someone was using a skill that they were not optimized for and had a limit of 3 I think. The second time someone really did have a godly roll and just BARELY hit their limit of 10. That said, use of Edge can temporarily remove the limit from your character.

The other thing I know some chafe at is the priority system for character creation, where you basically pick how important each of the categories are to your character concept relative to one another and spend the pool of points from that. It's actually a really easy to use and fun system (note: I did not like the concept of it before actually trying it), but if for whatever reason you don't like that system there is a book called Run Faster that is the typical "Companion" book that has three more methods of character creation you can use.

Other than that it's a lot like 4e from what I am told. However, prior to me running 5e, every Shadowrun game I tried to get into dissolved before we could really get to play so I'm not the best person to talk to about comparing previous editions.

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