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Hmm, a possible Compile Heart crossover game? That would explain the constantly changing characters. Of course, so would multiple game announcements.

I'm currently running through VII on PC and am beginning to regret starting
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the G arc with Vert's story. It seems to take forever to get to the first dungeon and even then grinding in it for cash to get her PR up to level 4 for the event was kinda painful.
Dengeki Online leKed the title. It is in fact not FGO/ CDN but an entirely new game called "Nepu Nepu☆Connect: Chaos Chanpuru

Simply because they western version entirely removes Neptune's NEPU mannerisms I will already assume they will butcher this title.
wuh? but Neptune says Nep a LOT on her speech pattern
Its never too late to start loving again

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Not as much as she really does. Most of thee English games remove it and insert meme words and things like Zoinks, Wowsers and other generic lines like that.

Only like 2 games in west started having a few lines kept in, and even then she doesn't say the full thing, just Nep which doesn't sound as good as Nepu.

It's like removing the -OH part from homer Simpsons D-OH. (Which is literally what Nepu is the equivalent of)

In general I just never liked a lot of what the western version unnecessarily changes. Such as Neptune to NeptunIA, or their made up terms to force it to sound "cool and edgy" such as CPU instead of just saying goddess, or HDD when they literally just say transform/henshin.

Also the case where both NISA and IFI keep changing important lines for the sake of 4chan and reddit memes. Yes the jp version has 2ch memes, but they're usually not forced into important segments the way the western rewrites do just for the sake of laughs.

In some of the games the western writers change characters entire personalities. Neptune doesn't shit talk Noire as much as the western localized versions make it out to be among other things.
They also can erase some BLATANT references between two different versions of a localization. Case in point. in the prebattle banter with Copypaste at the end of Chapter 2 of HDN Victory/Rebirth 3, Copypaste orders Warechu to make him a PINEAPPLE SALAD, an obvious reference for those of us on this board. The NISA localization for Victory had that clearly translated while the IFI localization for the Rebirth 3 remake removed the English language version of that reference.

Though some times with the localization there's a legal issue. Even though Re;birth 2 and 3 were mostly just straight ports (With Nippon Ichi and Gust relplaced), You can't legally just reuse the same script/transation as the previous games. At least not without having to pay. So there's time swhen they have to make a change.

But in the case of the Pineapple salad bit, did they actually say the Pineapple salad line in the Japanese version?
Yes. It is utterly clear that Copypaste calls for a "Pine Salad" which is exactly how Focker said it in the original Japanese in Macross.
Ah, then in that case it's probably IFI catering to casuals who don't get these references so they just insert generic lines, which is sadly what they've been doing more and more. And here I thought that IFI couldn't be any worse then NISA.
Game details are out. It's a crappy free-to-play trading card game based on Compile Heart franchises for the Vita.

Move along people, Nothing to see here.
I finished the Zero Dimension story, it was pretty fun i liked a lot toke me 15 hours to get it all done, there was some items that i didn't found there but it was worth the ride, i liked a lot. adult Neptune its playable for just one dungeon hoped for more or her but it was interesting.

anyway so i arrived at the route split, so i shouldn't select Noire? because i will get stuck? i have the God Eater girl DLC so it shouldn't be that bad right?

also we have to play all the 4 routes anyway or just one?
Its never too late to start loving again

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