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Top Nep. The early parts on NG+ are easy enough once you kill a single metal king dogoo for each character.

Mai. I hope you watched the "oogi" conversation event from Histy before going back to Zero Dimension.
i'm faaar from returning just meet the other CPUS, i'm on the part that historie have mechanical problems lol and the characters are trying to fix her.

the Square Enix girl looks funny lol, looks like she is on the wrong game or something, everyone else colorful and bright and she all dark and edge
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

If you're trying for True End on the first run just remember to watch evets as you see them
Not just that, but you need to complete certain quests ASAP BEFORE you complete certain areas. You can lock yourself out of the true end as early as the prologue when Neptune is kicked out of Zero-Jigen.
Hmmm, title card changed yet again. It's now the girl from Omega Quintet.
Wow i didn't expected this game to be hard at all, its a nice challenge just found adult Neptune, and also things on Hyperdimension are not looking easy...

[Image: HvutVcZ.jpg]

i'm on level 19 now, still missing adult Neptune new swords but they cost a lot so i will return to the previous dungeon and loot more there before progressing, i used all my items and everything on the boss fight before.have zero money now, been watching all the scenes, however i can't do quests yet..
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Yeah the start of the game is just really hard in this one.

-Limited money and seperated item inventories
-Small party
-Enemies are all really damn hard for a prologue.

And yeah that stupid dragon put me through hell as well. And the sad part is there's much harder bosses you'll be soloing later on. Luckily You'll get IF soon IIRC.
Actually you can get through Zero Dimension's story without having to buy weapons. You can find good enough weapons in chests floating around.

You don't get IF until the G Arc.
Been a while. Haven't palyed it since 2015.

Also on the new games teaser sight, it's changed again. So far its been

Day 1: Nepu Nepu (Neptune Series
Day 2: Tiara (Fairy Fencer F series)
Day 3: Faust (Trillion God of Destruction)
Day 4: Otaha (Omega Quintet)
actually you find a wapon for Neptune and a weapon for Uzume on dungeons, however you find no weapon for Nepgear, and she has the highest attack before adult Neptune joins, so it make things even harder to not equip yourself for me at least 10 hours and still on the zero dimension, i believe it will by a 15 hours run or something Smile
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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