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Funny you say that beacuse, dear god it was .

I usually plat the Nep games, and pretty much most of the games I play straight through because I don't like to leave things undone, but Geki Noire was just so long and tedious after a while that I had to stop for a few months. Especially the trophies for reaching max level with all characters, and even worse, maxing out everyones Lily Ranks with everyone else was just god aweful, especually when you have like 20-30 characters.

I am not exaggerating when I say that while I was going for the Lily Rank trophies (Which only increase when using skills when adjacent to the others), that I literally passed out of boredom multiple times .

Ironically, after the NA version came out, I did re buy it, twice actually as both Physical and later Digital were dirty cheap. But I never actually strarted it. Platting it once was enough. Also I heard that IFI had gone down to NISA's shit tier localization levels, and it was god aweful. Which is a shame beacuse Neptune Re;birth 1 was IFI's first attempt at handling their own game franchiise in the west, and it has so far been the only Neptune game here that had gotten a true and properly done translation.
One major piece of advice for Meganep V2 even more than other Nep games, KEEP EXTRA SAVE FILES. This is especially true during start of the second third of the game. There can be a distinct possibility of getting stuck if you're not careful on one of the routes.
Wait what? Stuck how?
Interesting. The sillouett on the teaser site 8 my opening post is no longer Neptune, but of Tiara.

So either YMO/CDN will go beyond the Neptune franchises characters, or its an entirely new and different game that's Nepu x FFF
(07-23-2016, 01:15 PM)lordgoober Wrote: One major piece of advice for Meganep V2 even more than other Nep games, KEEP EXTRA SAVE FILES. This is especially true during start of the second third of the game.  There can be a distinct possibility of getting stuck if you're not careful on one of the routes.

Thanks i was doing only one save, and this was not even crossing my mind, but after the last boss that i fought and almost didn't done it i will keep more than one save for the best.

also since i'm a God Eater fan i got the God Eater character, but she don't appeared on my party do i have to wait for Lonelly heart to join so i can visit her lonely lands?

got the fish as well lol
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Ok. Here is a longish post of random advice.

DLC first
Characters: Once obtained will stay with you throughout party splits OF WHICH THERE ARE A LOT. DLC characters mitigate a lot of the difficulty in most of the G arc as they give extra healing which in some routes is at a VERY big premium (Noire's route <cough>)
Umio: Available instantly when bought. Has unique items that become available in shop. Is a good GP character
Nepgya: Available instantly when bought. Functionally identical to Nepgear except does not have HDD and has own set of Costumes of which I think she's stuck in standard Nepgear costume permanently. Has permanent derpface on and her english VA is cute but japanese VA is downright creepy. Cannot use Nepgear DLC weapons but can use "THAT" sword which is a late collosseum prize.
Million Arthur: Joins in Planeptune when Neptune is in the party. Available from start of G arc. Most attack skills are of the AOE variety. Has a healing skill. Gets along WELL with Vert as can be seen in a later cutscene Wink
God Eater: Joins in Lastation in G Arc with Noire in party. Has a healing skill (ONLY ONE available to characters in that arc). Haven't finished her events yet so I haven't seen all her bonus skills and weapons yet.
Nitroplus: Joins in Leanbox in G arc with Vert in party. Debuffer to the extreme. Channels Ash Williams in her EXE Drive.

Weapons: Even the weakest of the DLC weapons outstrips anything normally in the game. Hold off until NG+. Ultimate Weapon pack has a weapon with 5% bonus to crit, a weapon with 10% exp bonus and then a weapon with the highest raw stats but drains 30% hp each turn. Without the Leveling HP and no equivalent to the Drill Chip from Victory/Rebirth 3, it's useless.

Armors: Even MORE than the Weapons, the DLC armors bust the game wide open. Hold Off until NG+.

Outfits: These are for the most part ok to get off the bat. The PJs have a slight stat boost so those characters that get PJs will automatically be equipped with them when they rejoin from being out of the party for a bit (you get equipped automatically with the highest stat equipment you have outside of the hp drainer weapon when you rejoin). The accessories have better stats than native stuff but it's not overwhelming like the weapons and armor. Plus, who DOESN'T like seeing a falling Neptune sticking out of someone's head? ^_^

Processors: All are better than normally available. Hold off until NG+

Scouts: Utterly useful. The scout system when you get access to it in G arc is SO MUCH BETTER than what it was in Victory. The scout effects are active when you send the scout there, not when you get reports.

Now for other things.

First off: WATCH EVERY SCENE. You get can get locked into the Normal ending VERY early in the game, before the end of the Zero Dimension arc if you miss an event. That being said, it's probably better to get the Normal Ending on the first run and go for the True Ending on NG+. This is because you get a bunch of key flag items at the start of NG+ that mitigate some of the annoyance in the game, of which the big one is disabling the world map random encounters.

Once in G Arc, at the beginning when everyone is split up, do any quests from the guild that you see IMMEDIATELY before advancing the plot. Some characters have time sensitive events that happen upon doing quests in their arc.

Back to the comment about the multiple save files. The reason you need multiple save files is primarily for the start of the Noire Arc. For the beginning of the G arc, Neptune starts with the full inventory from Zero Dimension while the others start with basic equipment and an empty inventory and no credits. Vert and Neptune start their arcs in their respective Nations and Blanc starts on the world map and has town access very quickly. Noire starts in a dungeon with I believe 5 of the weakest healing items available as her only healing during this dungeon AND there's a boss at the end. Also due to a plot event late in Zero Arc, she will start a little lower in level than the other 3 goddesses because her Zero Dimension character that she gets her initial level from will miss a couple bosses.

In the G Arc, build your shares up in the split parts as much as you can. There's an event in each of the non Neptune arcs based on shares.

On the Endings. Only the Normal and the True Endings have CGs and Trophies. The Bad End does not and you cannot be locked into the bad end. You can save right before doing the bad end and then go back and get back on the standard end route. Once you get to the point where you would look for the bad end, just youtube it and be done with it.

Investing. Very useful. Top bar increases what's in each nation's shop. Middle bar increases research plans. Bottom gives you Shares on each full bar completion, items ranging from Discs to Processor sets and the Candidate Swimsuits. At Level 5 you get the chance to buy a grab bag box with one random weapon for a character based in that nation for 4980 credits (so make sure you have that). Level 6 has the Millionep quizzes.

Plot wise, eventually you will understand why this game is completely and utterly connected to Victory 1.
hummm... so i have to advance a lot to get the God Eater character and only will get her if i do Lonely heart route? ok understood

also i can be stuck and didn't finish Zero Dimension? but how? missing scenes? i didn't saw any scenes that we could lose.... those are the ones with the "!"? if so i watched them all, even saw some dialog boxes with Dangekiko and Famitsu, but on the other dungeons there's no scenes save for the Uzume Hidout till now at least.

just arrived at the arcade dungeon and made the power bracelet, right now i will be back to some dungeons to break stuff to get items since i'm overly weak and have to HDD in every battle on the Arcade dungeon to progress.

i noticed that some weapons appeared on the shop when i got out of the arcade dungeon i brought one and will grind the others today
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

No. the event you can miss you haven't hit yet. It's an optional conversation that happens a bit later. You're getting close to it.

One other thing I forgot to mention that is huge on the first run. The way the combo system works.

Any attack in the sequence that follows its combo (IE the condition under the name of the attack) will have all of its hits from that attack automatically hit.

What are your levels? IIRC around the arcade you should be somewhere in the range of 12-15 I think? You finish Zero Dimension around 25.

And for reference. Right after the start of the G arc, after a plot point, you will have a "four separate stories" party plot ALA Final Fantasy 6 right after you get to the Returner's Base and split into 3 parties. You will go through the stories of all 4 goddesses, in the order you choose. Neptune's is the easiest because she has the full inventory carried over from Zero Dimension. The others start with nothing but their inventory will combine with the rest once everyone rejoins.

BTW How did you like Valley Girl Uzume? Wink
Uzume is fun i expected less of her but i see her a little dangerous as well her "ability" can probably be troublesome, liked her fashion lol.

i'm still on the Zero Dimension chapter, but already got back to the hyper dimension, have to dungeon craw a dungeon with Neptune alone now, hopefully i had money to fully equip a single character and equipped her before going
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

One of the annoying issues with the game is that everyone's inventory and IIRC money as well is separate during each nations chapters. And that part of the game is annoyingly hard if you don't grind for a bit.

The Lowee chapter is the easiest overall, mainly because after 5 or 6 games, Rom/Ram were buffed and are stupidly broken now.

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