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Any other fans of this series?

Recently Compile Heart started a count down side, though it was unknown what it was for. Some people thought it was a new Neptune game, but most dismissed it beacuse the artwork on incredibly more detailed then anything from the Neptune series. Turns out, It IS the next Neptune game.
I like them characters, but I don't find the RPG game appealing to me. But I do play the tactics one (Hyperdevotion Noire) and the action one (Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed).

Personally loved Noire and hated Neptune. Big Grin
Reached Dark Purple the dungeons are really good this time around, looks like i will have to somehow grind money to buy items and equipment the battle its really hard

Uzume is nuts as expected liked her
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I love the Neptune games and even managed to get one of my friends hooked on them after they started coming out on Steam.
(07-22-2016, 03:54 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: I like them characters, but I don't find the RPG game appealing to me. But I do play the tactics one (Hyperdevotion Noire) and the action one (Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed).

Yeah, the characters and interactions are pretty much the main reason for this franchise. While the RPG and game play elements are much better now, When the series first Debuted, it was absolute garbage. Specifially in the first game. You couldn't even heal outside of battle, only in battle, and it and reviving was a random thing that happened to boot.  It was just a stupid system that almost made me want to not finish it.

In the second game, Neptune mk2, they improved the game play a bit, but still had issues. But it's biggest failure was that the characters that people really liked, And were the ONLY thing people ilked from the first game, were all removed and side lined for 80% of the game, and made the generic loli pandering "little sisters" that never even existed in the first game, the main characters. And the main character, Nepgear, in general was just terrible, bland, and could not handle a MC roll.

Eventually we got the third game, Neptune V, which properly fixed it's game play and battle system, and most importantly, made the characters people actually liked the mains again, and severely limited the appearance of the "little sister" characters, with the exception of Nepgear, who at that point became a gag character and punching bag was 4th brokenly always called out on being a terrible main character.

The V system was then what basically lead to the updated versions on Vita. Neptune Re;birth, Re;birth2 and Re;birth 3. Which was great because Re;birth 1 wasn't so much an update of the first original game, but pretty much an entirely new game that reworked it's story, and was the best game in the franchise so far. Unfortunately, Re;birth 2 and 3 were essentially just straight ports with no real changes other then system.

There were also the spin offs like the ones you mentioned.

-Faith Goddess Noire, Planet Destroyed Black Heart (Amusingly, Asami Imai is listed as a produced in the credits for the Neptune franchise)
-Neptune PP: (Aka a visual novel pretending to be a dating sim pretending to be a rhythm game pretending to be na idol game)
-Neptune Ultimate Battle Clash (Essentially Nepu Musou but terrible)
-Blanc+Neptune vs the Zombie Army (It's basically the same as Neptune U, but much, MUCH better and funner. If you liked U, you should give it a try)

The newest one that has yet to reach the west, Neptune's Platoon vs Sega HARD GIRLS. (Unlike the Blanc game that really depnded on the supporting cast, IF is actually th emain character of her own game in it.

One of the biggest problems though that has plagued the franchise, is that you will fine no better series when it comes to reusing assets. 90% of every new game was basically just all reused maps, enemies, character models, animations, music, etc from the previous games. It's how they've had almost 15 games, despite the fact that this franchise is only 5 years old. (15 games and an anime)

It wasn't until Neptune V-II on the PS4 where they went out all and made everything new from scratch.

To my surprise, the Blanc+Neptune game was also pretty much 99% entirely new assets, I thought they'd just reuse the stuff from Neptune U in a new setting, but they really did go all out.
Like wow this boss is sure is big and annoying she got triggered by Neptune somehow and focused her all the fight, it was not that hard, the problem was on the end she used a K.O everything attack

[Image: Inl4kfu.jpg]

on the end tough for some reason Nepgear survived with 8 HP!!!! i don't know why she survived with that little hp and died on the other tries but never mind finished her with her Zeta Gundam Launcher Beam weapon.

i don't explored the florest dungeon entirely its pretty hard to beat things there i have to spam a lot of skills i will farm the previous one for money now, this game is surprisingly a LOT better than the previous ones even the story its good, and not only the characters interactions I'm sorta of curious of what its happening.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

we're technically following the Rebirth continuity now right?
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
Eh, maybe? In all honesty they tend to be rather vague about the continuity. The biggest indication that VII is Rebirth aligned is just how much Nepgear goes for machines. I remember a bit here and there in Mk II and some stuff in V, but Rebirth definitely went full force on that.
Small character quirks are just that, quirks they'll just keep reusing regardless of which contiunity the specific games are in. In Neptune's Platoon vs SEGA HARD Girls, Nepgear is just as much as of a gear head if not even more. And IF's levels of chuni have reached even new hights.

Overall, the Neptune games don't really have one specific continuity. The staff has just said that the various games are all essentially their own universes and continuities, with the exception of Mk2, V, and V-II which are a trilogy that takes places after one another. And not just the games, but the official Mangas, the anime, etc are also their own universe. (Bsaically, like SRW or Nanoha).

Even with the Re;birth games, there's no straight continuity there, because even though Re;birth 1 was was entirely remade, it still doesn't take place in the same universe as Re;2 and Re;3. That's why major characters and factors like True Goddess Magiquone from Re;birth 1's true ending, don't exist in the R2/3 games, but the evil Magiquone still is. Usually when a game is officiall non-cannon, CH/IF always straight out says it in the intro. Such as they did with games like Neptune PP and Ultimate Battle Clash.

The staff basically says, This franchises  isn't meant to have intricate or over complicated stories, just fun characters doing fun things while mocking the goddess that has no friends.

In other news, seems more ilkely the new teaser will in fact be fore the previously revealed 4 Goddesses Online/Cyber Dimension Neptune that was shown a few months ago.

Good, because I'm entirely out of Neps to play.
[Image: FvObDkq.jpg]
Dat platinums!
I'm amazed you can plat Noire. That game is looooong.

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