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Multiple Trekgasms
Lol we have a different view of Dr. Pulaski. When I realized she replaced Crusher, I had to convince myself that Crusher will return because all canon events and movies I remember from childhood had Crusher and not Pulaski. To me she felt like a misplaced character. Her personality and technophobic tendencies should be acceptable in Archer's era/timeline not onboard Enterprise D. But that's just my biased preference  Smile

Edit: btw, I you're skipping TNG episodes, don't miss ones with Klingons, Romulans, Spock, Sarek, Dr. Soong, Maquis, Borg and Q (simply for being an entertaining character). Don't know the title of the alternate timeline episode with Enterprise C in it, it's got some content about Tasha Yar and
Spoiler Show
her daughter

You don't have to worry too much with missing out on Picard, Data, Troi, Wesley, Geordi, Beverly and Will the TNG movies should fill you in when you get to watch them. Unless of course if you're interested in the usual char developments and the minor details.
Funk you, photobucket.
And take your bloody /P500 with you

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