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Multiple Trekgasms
Been a bit busy lately, but I just finished Season 6 recently. Some thoughts I had on a few episodes...

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Lt. Barclay, we meet again. I'm not sure when the last time was, but I remember him popping up a bit earlier in the series. Mr. Barclay is a really fun and energetic character, just a bit overenthusiastic at times. His interactions with the rest of the cast, including the Counselor Troi were quite entertaining.

It was nice to see things worked out in the end for Mr. Barclay.

Without spoiling too much, wasn't Lt. Barclay mainly from TNG? If not, I hope I can find him in another of the series.

Blink of an Eye:
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The way the episode started off made me think I wasn't going to enjoy it, but as it went on, I began warming up to it. I really enjoy the idea of anything involving alterations to the space-time continuum. Another episode with a good ending, but it did make me wonder: With the rate at which time moves on the planet, there's no way it could ever be revisited at a later time. Their technology was already beginning to eclipse that of Voyager's at the end of the episode from what I recall; the time differential between real-time and the planet's time would be too great to segue into another story without some major considerations and a high budget.

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I think you already know, I enjoy any episode involving the Doctor. While I could see where the episode was heading pretty early (reminded me of the alien race from the episode Prime Factors), it was funny watching two Docs perform at the same time, especially when the faux Doc was reaching those impossibly high and low notes. I must admit, I laughed a bit. Tongue

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The plot was kind of cliche, I swear I've seen this plot many times in both anime or other shows, but it was still quite interesting. I think this episode turned out alright purely because of Seven's involvement; also, there was luckily a twist near the end involving Seven's mentor (I really should have seen this coming!). Overall a fun episode.

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Borg kids! I suppose it was only a matter of time until we got one of these. I didn't particularly enjoy this episode, but since it lead into a far more interesting episode (Child's Play), it's worth noting.

Ashes to Ashes:
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This was such a great episode, with superb character development, but I just hated the way it ended. It almost made me feel as bad as Tuvix's ending. Poor Harry, he didn't deserve this. I'll get more back to my thoughts on Harry in a later episode.

Child's Play:
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Okay, this episode redeemed the previous one starring the Borg Kids. Icheb's relationship with his family, and conversely the situation leading up to his planned assimilation by the Borg was masterfully unraveled. Icheb actually seems like he could pass for a useful crew member, thumbs up.

Live Fast and Prosper:
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This might be one of the funniest episodes; it made me laugh a number of times, especially when the Captain and the fake came face to face in the brig, the dialogue between them never failed to put a smirk on my face. The ending with Tom and the Neelix reasserting their craftiness and street smarts, by pulling a fast-one on the Doc, was a nice finishing touch to close out the episode.

Spoiler Show
This felt like one of the worst, sloppily constructed episodes I've seen yet; not to mention a huge let-down. Kes would have been better off never making a reappearance if this is how things would end for her. I just felt like this episode had potential to be much much more. It felt as if the writers were in a rush to close loose ends, and they rushed the story just to reach a conclusion with her. Makes me sad. Undecided

Unimatrix Zero: Part 1/2
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I have mixed feelings about this episode, it also threw a wrench into what I thought was the real 'canon' of the series within the first 10 minutes (with Tom's reinstation of his Lieutenant rank). So, what does this tell us? It tells us that from the earlier episodes with the fake copies of the Voyager cast - Tom's actions on the water world in which he took action into his own hands and was thus reduced in rank back to Ensign -really- did happen; it wasn't the faux Mr. Paris that was demoted, it was real one.

That alone sort of threw me through a loop, but then it made me wonder... Why is Tom being reinstated to Lieutenant, but Harry Kim is still an Ensign, after what, six years of duty? That seems VERY strange, it makes no sense at all. Harry has even been left at times to take the bridge during the graveyard shift; the senior staff trusts him to take the bridge during the down-hours, but they don't think he deserves a promotion after six years? Okay, enough of that, I had another problem with the episode.

Why did it have to turn into a love story with Seven? It just felt out of place and rushed, Seven's love interest for instance seemed very unremarkable with no real defining qualities or characteristics. The whole chemistry felt a bit flat, for lack of a better word. I did a bit of research after this and learned that the original plot was for Seven's parents (or maybe just her father) to have taken the role of what Seven's love interest would have been (a plot device to enact a coup against the Borg from within the system). This would have been a much more interesting story, and would have at least let Seven reunite with her father.

Last but not least, some of the scenes with the Borg Queen felt a bit contrived and unnecessary. I think much more could have been done with the Queen, but the ball was dropped. Overall, the episode(s) was a bit of a mess, and frankly a missed opportunity for Seven's further character development, and closure with her father.

Well, that's about it. These are just some of the episodes which I felt noteworthy; it's not really a review, more-so just some passing thoughts. My apologies if it turned into a bit of a ramble at the end. Smile
FGO (NA): 006,634,728
Finally finished Voyager a few days ago.

Spoiler Show
I was a bit disappointed, the ending felt like it was too rushed; as if the viewer count was dropping, and the execs made them axe the series early. It definitely seems like the show could have lasted another season, with each of the final season's episodes bringing them closer and closer to home.

I still think the cast of Voyager was outstanding, I'd definitely recommend the series to others.

I started on TNG from the beginning and I must say... wow! I didn't realize how retro the show was in season 1! I jumped into season (4?), and the series seemed much more modern during that time period.

Did TNG start in the late 80s? Not complaining, just caught me off-guard a bit, having come from Voyager.

The series is good so far,

Spoiler Show
It's interesting seeing 'The Q' get involved so early in the show! I also didn't expect an episode like 'The Naked Now' to air with quite a number of adult themes involved. Was a pretty funny and interesting episode overall, I give it a thumbs up.

Just finished episode 3 last night, watched the intro to 4 earlier today before getting pulled away. I think I'm going to enjoy this, I just need to give the cast some time to warm up to.
FGO (NA): 006,634,728
(07-19-2017, 10:37 AM)Hypereia Wrote: Did TNG start in the late 80s?

1987, to be exact.

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