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Multiple Trekgasms
This been out for a while. I guess this thread is where it should go.

Nobody has no idea wether this series will stay true to Trek lore or butchered Trek as feared by some fans. The reboot movies have been met with distaste by a lot of long time fans. I enjoyed them but I also felt unsettled by a few discrepancies; things that won't bother the casual viewer. Kirk and his crew deserved a reboot after all this time. Let's just see how it goes when the show gets aired. Q'plah!

Also another series I'm looking forward to Big Grin

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(Possible spoilers for those who've not seen TNG/Voyager, be warned)

Newish Trek fan here. I've seen a chunk of TNG already, and while it's good, I actually like the crew of Voyager much more. Ever since the first episodes, I've loved B'Elanna Torres and Tom Parris a whole lot. I feel the audience can empathize with them a whole lot more as they are crew members with a troubled past.

Also, Captain Janeway, she is just fantastic. I can't say Picard is better than her, I think they are both good and I cannot choose.

Unfortunately, it seems that I should have started TNG earlier in its series than I did, I jumped in I think around season 4. It's interesting seeing cameos from cast members of TNG in Voyager, brings a bit of the continuity much closer to the viewer.

I'm a bit past Season 5 of Voyager now, and it has been quite an experience. I think I will watch TNG from the beginning after I finish Voyager.
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Definitely watch Voyager first because DS9 is the mother of all. Now if after DS9, your appetite is still not sated then it's TNG and ENT for the lore. I plan on watching TOS but I gotta fix my sleeping problems first. It's a 60's show I might end up feeling sleepy at slower scenes and old tv shows have lots of them.

Btw: Janeway and Picard have a few opposing traits. Janeways feels that the crew looks up to her for everything so she needs to be motherly. Picard thinks as the Captain he must be tight-arsed. Reserved, hates children and believes it necessary to never involve in romance or family because of his duties as captain ... But if you ask me, maybe he's just cranky because he doesn't have a girlfriend. No wonder Spock's dad likes him Big Grin
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Yeah, I did notice that more about Picard. He seems more well-versed with his captainship and is able to keep his emotions more in check. Janeway on the otherhand, isn't always able to keep her emotional cracks from showing especially regarding blaming herself for not being able to get the crew home.

Spoiler Show
I think the major event that caused her to lose composure was when she had the chance to get her crew home, but it would have been violating the Prime Directive. I believe it was in dealing with the race that was highly fixated with worldly possessions/things that could interest them. They had the technology to send them home, but Janeway refused to at that time.

As time went on, as the crew faced more and more dangers, she began to lament that decision more and more and cracks began to form in her psyche. I think this is why I might enjoy her character more; she blames herself, and if possible, she would rather take all the danger onto herself, making her the martyr just to spare her crew since she feels it's her fault for everything.

She feels more more human than Picard for that reason. Picard is probably the better captain due to being able to remain more neutral and keep his objectivity; but I think Janeway is the more interesting character. Janeway also has a lot of room for growth, so even though Picard is more qualified as it currently stands, Janeway may have more potential. As the saying goes, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
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Let's not forget Janeway's forte is science. Whereas Picard is a historian and diplomat. Had Janeway specialized in something else, their crew might have ended up like Captain Ransom who abandoned Starfleet Directives out of desperation and still failed to get back home. Also, you may notice Picard relied heavily on Troi and Data. And because he's strictly command and diplomacy, many times he takes the side-seat while Data or LaForge takes the spotlight. Janeway though, being a scientist herself, bosses Kim, Torres, Doctor and Seven around and if they ain't up to the task or the danger is too great, she'll do it herself.
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Definitely. One thing regarding Janeway which still leaves me uneasy was...
Spoiler Show

The way this episode ended left me feeling pretty bad. I feel like Tuvix could have been handled differently, so that Tuvoc and Neelix could have been restored and Tuvix could have still survived, maybe via cloning or something similar. (I mean, the transporters basically kill and restore people when they are energized, no?)

Watching Tuvix plead for his life really pulled on my heartstrings.

Obviously Tuvix couldn't have remained on the ship, but I still think he could have been dropped off on an inhabited planet or a spaceport, and been allowed to live his life as any sentient being should.

On another note, I just finished episode episode 17 of season 5 earlier. Course: Oblivion

Wow, I don't even know where to start with this one. Another thought-inspiring episode that makes you re-evaluate many aspects of the story and crew.

I think I might watch this again later. I love Netflix. Smile
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DS9 crew faced an issue similar to
Spoiler Show
it involved temporal mechanics and more lives were at stake.

I recall in Voyager in more than one alternate future episodes there will be people that will not exist or have different fates in the current timeline. Those episodes make me kinda feel sorry for said people.

I had to look up Course: Oblivion in Wikia, I never look at episode titles Big Grin But i remember that one. Makes me pity them but also part of me says if they're gonna end up the way they did why waste an episode but then another part of me argues that that single episode is the only chance for their story to be heard. things like that...
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Spoiler Show
I can see why people would say it was a waste, hell, the duplicate crew couldn't even get the data beacon off the ship before the whole thing lost structural cohesion and blew up, so it did nothing for the plot in the grand scheme.

I look at it a bit differently, it shows just how easy it would've been for Tom to cross the line and get himself back in trouble again. Essentially, the waterworld episode shows another side of the coin - how Tom could've become insubordinate to the degree of losing his rank.

I suppose it also shows Harry isn't as perfect as everyone thinks he is (when he had relations with the female of the nomad race of people on the snake looking ship). I'm not trying to knock him down a few pegs; I actually think the journey has hardened him, so it's easier for him be more honest to himself about what he wants and isn't as worried about the repercussions.

In a nutshell, it portrays an interesting duality of what could've been, and how easy it would've been for the real crew to have made some of the same decisions (namely Tom and Harry) which would have had a negative impact on their careers and possibly more.

The episode intrigued me enough to seek out what other people though about it online, and I found an interesting deconstruction about it on YouTube.

Not sure if you're interested enough to watch it, but it did hit some really good points to take note of.

I avoided the spoiler regarding DS9, thanks for marking it.

What's your advice after finishing Voyager? Start from the beginning of TNG and just skip the episodes I've already seen, or come back to TNG later, and just jump straight into DS9 right after Voyager?
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Since you're already familiar with TNG, you can jump straight to DS9. You'll only miss TNG's klingon story arcs that had characters play parts in important episodes of DS9 and a bit of Miles O'Brien's development into a less than minor character.

I suppose if you have patience, you should finish TNG first for the continuity. But if you want to start DS9 right away, when you watch TNG you just go "I see, so that's this guy's story" Both methods of watching are exciting I suppose.

I think it's similar to the popular question - how would you watch Star Wars?
A. 4,5,6,1,2,3
B. 1,2,3,4,5,6

Either way is awesome.

Edit: I didn't post any spoiler for DS9, I just hid what you already marked as spoiler in your earlier post Big Grin

Edit2: I'll look up the vid you shared tomorrow. I only got 4 hours before classes and far from being sleepy. For now, Gonna watch korean tekken players til I get sleepy.
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I just remembered, TNG movies are canon- Worf's promotion happened in a movie (hardly a spoiler I believe) and the events that took place in TNG: First Contact had an outcome that took place in one of Enterprise's episodes. I don't know if there'll be more episodes about it cos I'm only halfway trough the series. I haven't seen any of them yet but I think TOS movies are also canon because Khan is in one of them if I'm correct.
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