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Multiple Trekgasms
(08-12-2016, 02:51 AM)Oggy Ten Wrote: Gene Roddenberry has been known difficult to work with during the TNG era. This may be a good excuse to finally assassinate the old man.

He's dead, Jim.

(08-12-2016, 10:26 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: They really should change the name. STD doesn't sound good. XD

Like how Star Trek: Voyager is shortened to "VOY", they'll probably do something similar with Discovery, like "DIS" or "DCV".
Most likely DIS, if they follow past abbreviations. They've NEVER used "ST" for any of them.

Star Trek The Original Series => TOS
Star Trek The Next Generation => TNG
Star Trek Deep Space 9 => DS9
Star Trek Voyager => VOY
Star Trek Enterprise => ENT

And now we know that Discovery will follow a female lead who is NOT the captain of the ship, and the show will be placed about 10 years prior to TOS. It will be interesting on how they do things, taking the perspective that isn't from the captain/commander of the ship/station from which so much is focused upon. I'm quite excited, I've missed having regular Star Trek in my life. I still rewatch VOY from time to time. I might do another marathon run of it.
I really didn't like the second movie of the reboot series.

I'm a fan of TOS so I teared up in that scene with the picture at the end of Beyond. And, because I apparently like crying, I re-watched the TNG episode "Relics" when I got home later that day.

That pic?
Spoiler Show
That picture doesn't really make sense, universe wise. Spock really didn't bring anything with him when he arrived, so that pic shouldn't exists.

But hey, it's a powerful scene for fans of TOS. I don't really watched the TV Series, but I do watch the movies. Their replacement counterpart is really good. Of course, Uhura being prettier than the original helps lol.

Too bad about Anton Yelchin, though. I really like his russian english accent. I wonder if they will send Chekov to a mission far away, or promote him to Admiral. Maybe they'll put someone else in Chekov's position, like for example.... James McAvoy as Ensign Maurice Picard. Hehe.
(08-12-2016, 01:46 PM)Garou Wrote:
(08-12-2016, 02:51 AM)Oggy Ten Wrote: Gene Roddenberry has been known difficult to work with during the TNG era. This may be a good excuse to finally assassinate the old man.

He's dead, Jim.

Ahaha. I googled your news of 20+ years. I'm under the impression that he was still alive when Earth Final Conflict and Andromeda aired cos they never fail to insert the phrase "Gene Roddenberry's ..." so I kinda guessed he's still alive and 80 or something years old Big Grin

Anyway, In VOY I'm nearly done with season 4. Episode 14 of season 4 is hilarious and at the same time had an important impact on Voyager's quest to get back home Smile
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I'll be starting Voyager Season 5 tomorrow. All this exposure reminded me of a movie and now I miss it. I'm pretty sure my older kid will lol at this since he's been exposed to a bit of TNG and Voyager.

Galaxy Quest
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LOL. I haven't been spending much time with Netflix for a few weeks now. But I gotta say. That one Voyager episode, I didn't expect a surprise.

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[Image: tycy5266cc.jpg]
Happened across reruns of the original series whilst visiting the folks the other day, and it looks like the version I am seeing on U.S. TV these days has been not only remastered, but altered. If you get a chance, look at any shot of the Enterprise in space, circling a planet, etc. They CG'd everything with new footage, apparently.
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I can't say... Sometimes I squeeze in an episode or two of TNG. But it was early 1990's when I first watched it so I didn't notice. Or were you talking about the original? I'll check next time I watch Netflix that will be easy enough to tell.
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