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Multiple Trekgasms
[Image: cincoCAP.jpg]

I seem to be watching a lot of Netflix but in reality I have only been subscribed since February, I think. But from the get-go, the first show I searched for was Star Trek TNG. I was disappointed to find that only the First Contact movie is available among the classics. But last week I was surprised to find that they included the Voyager series in their library. Not particulary happy cos it wasn't TNG, the only Star Trek I'm a fan of. But went watching anyway. I reckon Voyager should be better than no Star Trek at all.

I was done with one episode yesterday when I saw Star Trek TNG is also available as a recommendation while the credits were scrolling. I went to search for it later to add it to my favorites when VIOLA! Not only TNG has become available, they also upfuckingloaded Enterprise, Deep Space Nine and the animated series (70's i think?). The 60's original isn't there but I ain't complaining, I was never interested in that one, being too dated and all.

My opinions on Voyager, it's crew is not as charismatic and didn't have the same chemistry the TNG crew has BUT(!) it's better in a few other ways. Being more recent, their science is also more recent. Being a less classic show, it had less dull moments/scenes/instances that older TV shows and movies suffer from, TNG included. Then being displaced in space for a distance of 75 of their ship's warp years from home, the prospect of isolation, survival and going back home to the Federation space really differentiated it from the first two series and opened up a different course of storytelling and makes them unique as far as Federation explorations are concerned. 

Their "Doctor" is also particularly unique and interesting. A character with a library of intellect but often the source of humor for the show. Actor is perfect for the role - comical, serious, respectable.

I'm planning on getting acquainted with Deep Space Nine after I finish one season of Voyager then maybe Enterprise if I don't feel overdosed. While watching one or two TNG episodes in-between =)

Edit: Episode 6 of Voyager is "ironically" touching btw.
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It has recently come to my attention that Netflix as added the Original Series. They now have all the TV Treks.

I'm nearly finished with season 2 of Voyager and I'm very hooked I don't want to start a different Trek series for now Big Grin
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I just watched Star Trek Beyond.
Not bad. As usual, I really like the banter between Spock and Bones.
I will have to wait a few months before I can see it. How does it compare to the 2009 and 2013 movies? Better? Not? so-so?
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Well this one is pretty cool. But the antagonist can't really beat Cumberbatch.
And for some reason, the theatre in my area already phased out Star Trek Beyond, but still keeps Ghostbusters around. I wonder why...
Well Khan is Khan. Or are you talking about the acting? Personally I enjoyed the first movie more than the second even though they had more space action in the second one.
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I enjoyed DS9 the most. I like the character interactions there a lot better than those of the other series.

Looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery (STD?!). I'm guessing it might take place between TOS and TNG due to the design of the ship.
I'm a fans of Cumberbatch since Sherlock, so yeah. Khan. Big Grin
Awesome. I have been wanting to see some Borg in Voyager since season 2. Then I find that aside from teasers in a couple episodes, season 3 finale will be focused on Borg. But I held my patience and didn't skip a single episode. Voyager is always interesting even if the episode synopsis seemed boring. Anyway, Season finale is so good it puts some of the older Trek movies to shame. I noticed they even used engaging bgm's never before played in earlier episodes. It was worth the wait.

We are Borg!

[Image: Scorpion.jpg]

If there is one thing I want to un-see when I watch Trek, those are the disgraceful scenes caused by lack of seat belts. I understand they want us to think their space crafts are so hi-tech with shields and artificial gravity they won't need seat belts. But then again, every time an enemy hurls torpedoes, lasers, space rocks, cojones, cats, and all sorts of scientific perversion, they keep falling off their chairs. I probably haven't seen 200 episodes of Star Trek yet but already I cannot count the number of crewmen who died with bloody heads as a result of shuttle crashes. I understand holding hard onto your Captain's chair worked during the Shatner era and maybe during the Professor-X era too but well. As far as my limited knowledge is concerned, Gene Roddenberry has been known difficult to work with during the TNG era. This may be a good excuse to finally assassinate the old man.

Captain Picard at 100 years old probably have six-pack abs from constantly getting up from the floor.. Lol. And from drinking Earl Grey tea. Haha!

If I have Q powers, I'll probably use it to prank them and enjoy watching the indignity of scrambling back to their seats like it's nothing. Bahahahaha!  Big Grin

I live in the 21st century but I'm smarter than them cos I'd wear knee pads and helmet when I hear Yellow alert or Red alert Big Grin -"It is the most logical thing to do"
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I wonder who will star in Star Trek Discovery.
They really should change the name. STD doesn't sound good. XD

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