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Fate/Grand Order

Though word of warning...She sucks. She's cute, but she's one of the worst servants in the game and her skills make people wonder what the hell they were thinking. She does get an interlude later on, but she's still never really worth using aside from memes.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
She gets nice after the two rounds of buffs she gets and Skadi, Atalanta Alter or Hime

well the last SSR that i got was Semiramis that just got a buff she used to be quite bad don't know how she is now
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

For the most part Quick servants in general skyrocket in value once Skadi gets added into the game But until that happens the only good Quick servant was is Jack mainly beacuse her star generation is insane and is also the only non limited 5 star assassin until like the third Halloween event.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Big Poppa James, will now be your date for White Day
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YES! Fuck you, Merlin!

Detective Elmo Mellio-II is the true and #1 Grand Caster!
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Also protect your loli's from creepy priests
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[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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