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Fate/Grand Order
I really like that CE.

Jeanne Alter banner is over. I didn't get her, I just can't roll her on NA.
I did, however, get
- LB Imaginary Element
- NP3 Lancelot
- A 2nd Kaleidoscope

I'm am quite happy, she should come back again with her costume whenever that is.
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Just for the record, that CE is Lancer Arturia Alter (Royal Icing: boosts Arts and Event Points), the other two of that category are of Cu, EMIYA Shirou, and Gilgamesh (Three Angler: Quick), and Shuwen, Nehza, and a bear (Frozen Bearfighting: Buster) while the event currency boosters are Ibaraki (Welcome to ONILAND!!: Sundae Icecream), Tomoe (Simply Crimson: Churro), and Kintoki (Ashigara Brothers: Popcorn). You also get three new Command Codes:

Twilight of the Demonic Dragon, 5★
Adds 20% extra damage to Dragon traits when equipped on command cards

The Dragon Slaying Sword, 4★
Adds 25% Crit damage against Dragon trait enemies when equipped on command cards

The Command Seal of the White Container, 3★
Removes 1 debuff on self when the card with that command code is used.

Finally, the two new servants are 4☆ Shuten-douji (Caster) and 5☆ Shitonai (Alter Ego).
The story lock on this event its pretty ridiculous, having to beat cosmos in the lost belt dungeon 2 to be able to play a event that its a comedy one, and have nothing to do with the main plot, like all FGO events its quite bothersome i won't make it, since i'm just finishing the first dungeon i don't like to rush FGO, i will keep playing on my peace, so i will skip this one.

Gil event i wans't able to do for health reasons, this one i simple don't have time to zerg rush Cosmos in the lost bel 2
Its never too late to start loving again

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