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Fate/Grand Order
In a proper set up Euryle is insanely broken. Many people had trouble vs Gawain in Camelot.

Euryle and the loli death squad made him her bitch.

ALso Cu in general is just one of the best servants in the game even as a 3*. He's just so unkillable that it's a 4-5* pretending ot be a 3*.
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(08-14-2018, 06:34 AM)Orochi Kusanagi Wrote: Many great 1-3 stars are out there. Some fantastic ones to level up are...

Blackbeard (okay support and a good NP for farming)
Pretty much any 3 star archer for various reasons
Georgios (good tank)
Lu Bu (incredible def ignoring NP allowing him to hit really high numbers)
Fuuma (amazing star gen)
Leonidas is a good tank with nice support
Medea (weak np but very spamable, even better with Black Grail)
Pretty much all 1-2 star casters for various purposes (Hans, Shakespeare, Mozart being the best)
Kojirou and most Hassans are good.
Spartacus is a Berserker tank
Kiyohime is a good AOE Berserker

I have almost every Archer in the game so far, I don't need to use the 3 star version's
I am yet to finally see the power of Georgios, Lu Bu, Fuuma, Alexander, Kiyohime, Kojirou, Hassans, Hans and Mozart.

Blackbeard, Cu, 300 and Medea, Shakespeare are all really good, I use them.
I also use Julius Caesar.

My Spartacus and Arash are both at bond level 9. I've stopped using them, cause I don't want to waste bond points.
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X-Omega: 117807236
Just rached the fabled "Ore ga, Onee-chan da!!!" chapter.

haha, wow. Jeanne says she chose to become an Archer because it gives her full freedom to do and act however she wants with no restrictions. Which is why she's far more open, comical, romantic and just overall chirper then as a Ruler. (Apperantly she can probably be whatever class she wants at will).

Not just Jeanne Alter and lily, but she also makes Gudako her canon little sister as well. She even lets you rest on her lap. She tries to show her how good a big sister she is towards Jeanne alter and Lily, and wants you to hold her hands because big sisters always hold the little sisters hand.

Jeanne then presents you to Alter and Lily, as a gift little sister to her other little sisters.

At this point Alter tells you you need to stop listening to this strange woman and not encourage her because it'll only make her more delusional. Jeanne then decides she's going need to persuade them taht she's their little sisters. So she modo-changes to her 2nd ascension, and then bribes Lily with dolphin-san.

At this point Alter is freaking out because she knows Jeanne's going to "persuade" them with her fists, which leads into a boss battle vs Alter and Lily.End of the battle, they lose and Alter and Lily are so beatn they daziy accept the fact that she's Jeanne's little sister now. Where as Lily is now happy because she was the youngest but now she has a little sister as well.

Jeanne's my room lines. lol at the one towards Alter.

Jeanne Alter's My Room lines
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The thing about Anderson are his skill setup. A HUGE Bonus to Crit Damage as the first with 5 Round Cooldown, a HUGE NP point Boost (75 at 10) with 6 Cooldown and the final one ... a baby Fragment of 2030 (9 crit starts for 3 rounds) also at 5 Cooldown paired with an NP that can with upgrade give health regen, ATK/Def Buffs or a big Crit Star generation buff.
With the right setup he can help do really nasty damage and still heal. His main weakness are his low stats due to his Star level (which can get him one hitted) and that his NP is random with only 3 of the 4 buffs and a 80% chance for each of them at NP 5.

Just imagine him paired with Okita who has a crit damage buff and great Star generation or Jack who makes Stars a non-issue.
So where the hell do we get the Dupe Alters. It better not be that stupid 8/16 locked quest.

Can't stop won't stop.
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I was expecting something more flashier
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Best girl of Summer is finally here
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