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Fate/Grand Order
Siegfried is sadly on the low end of 4* Sabers, he is of use if it's against dragons (meaning he works well with George since he can give the Enemy the Dragon Attribute) but he has very low Attack Power meaning even with the Bonus High End Sabers can sometimes outdamage him in his own Role through sheer Force.
But if you don't have any Gold Sabers there is no Problem in using him, just don't expect huge Numbers against anything not a Dragon.
He's not ON the low end, he IS the low end. Siegfried is literally the most useless PoS in the game. He's that bad. And not just 4☆s, He's worse then most 1-3☆'s as well. Most 1-3 can actually he useful. Siegfried? Never really.
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I like the progression system of this event. Might be my favorite event so far. Ryougi Shiki is an amazing 4*, getting her NP5 for free is a real treat.
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