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Fate/Grand Order
i do have one with guts its just that it will probably be pretty hard to survive all that time, so maybe i shall use Waver instead of Merlin, or Merlin + Helena, since she is a weaver little

Edit: Done as well, uff.... now i have to clear the junk data latter but i have to tell i'm burned out.

it was a pretty hard rush in like a week or so
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Event started, already threw all my Quartz and summoning Cards away :p
Got Suzuka and Passionlip ... and far too many Copys of the Student Council CE (like 12 O.o)
Passionlips Ascension Materials are Interesting, so far she only needs Archer and Berserker Monuments.

... and she has 6 Passive Skills, no I'm not kidding. One is for the Event though so it's more like 5.
did my summons as well, got 2 Passionlips and 2 Stundent Council CE's reading the notes seems like all the SR's will be mostly Passionlips so i decided to stop, its a day off here on my country so i will take the day to raise her and Gawain since the first map of the dungeon requires lvl 70 already.

Passionlip has 3 busters and seems like Meltlilith has 2 arts 2 buster 1 arts.

Meltlilith skillset its fantastic however her damage output might be lower than Passionlip due to triple buster (ouch..) she has a dodge like Stay Night Lancer's one.
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Passionlip seems to be a Mix of Defense and Offense, her First Skill gives her Damage Cut and Debuff Imunity, her next one gives her Taunt and Def Up and the Last is the Offensive one (att Up/Inv Pierce and one chance for Instakill for 3 Turns as well as a 1 Turn Def up but also Stuns her).

I would love to know what her Passives are but I can't translate them but the Assassin one is definitely in.
Also she has over 10k Att at lvl 80, she pretty much has one if not THE highest Attack of the 4* Servants.

Btw her skills follow mostly suit in leveling them, 2 Lvls low Archer/Berserk Coins, 2 lvls the Higher one, another one like that and only at lvl 7 you need normal mats (claws and another one I forgot, then another set of Mats).
She is rather easy to lvl.

:EDIT: I just noticed but Her hands aren't a Sprite but a 3D Model, unlike Cleo's Snake this actually looks well Smile

Magic resistance C

Presence Concealment A+
Increase unit stargen

Independent Action D
increase her critical dmg

something that works like divinity? (????)
increase overall dmg

that 5th skill don't really have a description maybe we have to ascend her or something to unlock

her NP its Anti Army

300% buster (500%) and heals the party, on NP2 its 400% above this its not worth keep getting her copies since Np 5 its only 500%

Arts = 10% Np
quick = 9%

since most of her cards will be busters... that might be a problem filing the NP bar will be a hard task

Buster + Quick + Arts = 21 critical stars (that's Okita's and Enkidu level of stars)

Critical on her art card instant fill her NP bar, her critical absorption its very good she is a buster critical servant, seems somehow very strong now...if she only can keep the critical coming
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Thanks Smile that's helpful.
And yeah, as expects her Skills are a Stalker set :p Considering the Amount of Hits her NP does I should take a look at how many Stars it makes (I think it made some despite being a Buster)
As for NP gain I'm going to see how much NP she gathers from being hit, I mean she has that Taunt for a Reason Smile

:EDIT: Her first Skill counters the Stun fro her third Skill, nice to know.
Also I got 23 Stars from one use of her NP, that's pretty good for a Buster NP Smile

... wow this event is trolling People

"yay I just destroyed BB's first 480k Healtbar ... uh ... what? 3.000.000 Million Health????"
Yeah the Battle ended afterwards but still my chin hit the floor.
didn't even touched the event yet we have all the month after all Smile first i decided to level my new things.
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I just noticed something after reading a summary ... BB is completely ignoring the 4th Wall O.o
Hell just after starting the Event she changes the whole freaking Event Title and continues to talk about Stuff like Robins Animation Update and Fanservice.
And yet this is actually a mostly serious event from what it seems and even has plot relevance o.o
MHXA has been dethroned Meltlilith apparently looks like a terrible SSR servant, here is the numbers

her CDs are too high all of them the dodge at level 10 has 5 cd

her second skill its a worse version of charisma, its a 30% attack buff for herself at lvl 10, but takes out 10% of her defense for 3 turns

the last one its a total joke, it has a delay downpower all NPs, allies and enemies by 50%, them she raises her own Np dmg next turn by 20%.

her Np don't do much damage if you can't chain two of them on 3 turns.

if you already got Passionlip stop using this banner, the other its not worth.
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Honestly? I just want them because I loved Fate/Extra CCC, it just happens that Passionlip is actually pretty good.
Also I like how much Character Development Melitith gets in this Event but since she is a 5 Star I don't expect to get her anway (I'm only rolling for the CE mostly)
I have a Hard Time finding a CE for Passionlip though, I currently use a Buster up/NP Damage Up one from the Illya Event since I had that Limit broken.

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