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Fate/Grand Order
i had to use Lancer Arthuria to fight the clones dark clones fiesta

when near death they would cast dodge, they where very very annoying for me, i sincerely can't imagine how people say that they pass this whiteout Anty Armys NPs, even with them if you have no Kalaidoscope or at least Sakura CE... gosh..

Also Yeah LORD CAMELOT saving me from all those bosses.

19 here.. struggling but going foward lol

i would say...

Gorgon was the easiest boss-fight for me, despite her huge HP i could stunlock her forever with Ana + Enkidu
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

I just went Okita/Mashu/Merlin and laughed at her feeble attempts to kill me (rarely went below 10k HP), took a while though.
For the Clones I went Altera + Altera, both with Kaleidoscope.
The 6 Clone group gave me some slight Trouble since I just couldn't get enough Arts Cards for a proper 2nd Turn NP but I finished them anyway.
done!!! with the last order now on to the last boss
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Me too just now so Goetia dies! ... tomorrow, it's 0:39 in the Morning here right now so this old man is rather sleepy.
my fingers are hurting for pressing too much things so for me its this for today, tomorrow i will finish leveling some servants till 80 at least and try to finish my rush
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

So, when do you think the rest of the Alter Ego-type Servants will come out?
Honestly considering that there is barely anything about them known maybe one day or not at all, maybe that one from the Foxtail Manga since she actually fought ... the other is simply too big.
Then again I doubt they made a new Class and then barely use it ... on the other Hand we only had a single Avenger/Ruler for Ages and now we have around a Handful (though a single non-limited Ruler).
... done.
Seriously the last Chapter makes it hard to believe this is a Cash Grab Gatcha Game, it actually was pretty damn awesome.
Also I have to say the Music got better with every Chapter.

... also ... Fuck Goetia Sad you made me use a Apologiequartz/Crest cause my Team had no way of actually beating him without Mashu to reduce damage (I don't have any other defensive Servants and no Horseman lvled that can properly do damage so he did unspeakable things to my Frontline Sad )

My total Rush, gave me LOADs of trouble but also... the last chapter the Babylon one its pretty awesome, but Camelot was already great, and lets be real Grand/Order story its great, it actually made me like Gilgamesh..

Goetia its very very unfair i have no command seals to use my strategy to beat him that requires me to:

1 - burst a command seal on Quetz to use her NP 1st turn and do not be destroyed
2 - build a suicide frontline, take a waver support and pray that my Mary Read get to red hp with np full

i know that the very last boss suicides after he uses all his spells, probably Merlin + another defensive servant would make it, but i will wait my command seals to refill.

now i at least have some resources to try for Sakuras, sincerely even if i get nothing it was so great getting here, that i won't care Smile

however i will try since i got here after all
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

The last ApologieBoss (seriously considering the ones before him he's easy ... well not that easy) Murders your Frontline at around 200k HP (he had slightly less for me) if you have a way to put Guts on a Servant it should be fine since only one need to survive .. also the Backline should survive by default.

Oh and it's impossible to just tank it, it hits for like 90.000 Damage so you die no matter what.

Seriously this makes me want a Waver in case of Mashu Absence and look through my list for a good Offensive Horseman to lvl since there are still 4 Beasts left Smile

I just checked for you and if you don't have a Servant with Guts or a CE try this
Mystic Code, you can give a Servant a One Turn Guts which should do the trick if you time it right.

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