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Fate/Grand Order
For only $17 that would have gone to the usual $30 cost of the new years paid gacha, this came out nice for the price.
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[Image: jILObWG.jpg][Image: dDeXICZ.jpg]
[Image: qn9phHm.jpg][Image: NoVLtCa.jpg]
[Image: XOKEGZN.jpg]

[Image: HOknqsP.jpg]

Plus it's from the same line as the Asuna Sword Art Online movie figure I bought last year so it's rather tall. About 8+ inches. Freaked the fuck out though when I opened the package just now because the box was so crushed. I knew she came in a single piece+the base, but I was worried that one of her hair strands or smooth, silky, delicate fingers might have snapped or something.
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The Prisma Illya event is finally getting a reprint or ReInstall as they call it. New servant is 4* Miyu!!!!

Which pisses me off as I have nothing to roll with and I wanted her since day one. In fact, the reason I never did the original run of the event was because they made that whore (She's actually a canon whore, watch Prisma Illya) instead of Miyu.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(01-19-2019, 02:08 PM)Top Nep Wrote: She's actually a canon whore, watch Prisma Illya.

You really like pointing that out it seems.
I did the event and even got Illya ... which I never used since I already have much better casters. Wonder what Miyus skillset will be.
I'm spiteful. I hate how she was the welfare in the event and Miyu was nowhere to be found. It cause me to just ignore the event all together.

Chloe was fun at first since she was entertaining. But after he arc ending, she really didn't do anything besides get turned into the shows slut character sticking her tounge down peolpes throats to get mana, and then constantly keep taking up episodes for her "Talk sense into Illya" schtick that wasn't needed TWO TIMES in a single season that was already rushed.

The problem I hve with this event now is that if Miyu isn't obtained, she'll probably never be obtainable because she's limited to this Illya collaboration event, and this will never get a third run. It took over 2 years just to finally get a reprint. The last time this happened was that other 4* that was introduced during the garden of Sinners collaboration where the new 4* they added for the reprint has never once been available again.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Rolled. First and 2nd rolls. Only had 60 quartz and 6 tickets.

This first rollnpissed me off so hard. TWO golden caster spooks in the same roll and neither was Illya nor Miyu.
[Image: SS6dmSi.jpg]

[Image: CiRJqez.jpg]

In Chris' case it's more like 2 H.
[Image: 6OB1Hzf.jpg]

I got Miyu at least with my last ticket. But I was so annoyed that I skipped the event todayband came tonmagic mountain. Where I cant escape from it.

First I thought this said Caster Candy, then I saw Illya's bear.
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[Image: 0FsRB85.jpg]
[Image: qcsnm6e.jpg]
Then I saw something as shitty as that 2nd 10 roll.
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[Image: i4nxzOU.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

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