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Fate/Grand Order
So she is still a vampire huh ... shame I digged the glasses.
haha, Abusing the system is fun.

Quote:Okay so, Xiang Yu was a construct created for war that, in proper history, developed intelligence and emotions and fell in love with Consort Yu, who loved him too. But then the fall happened and they both died. But not Consort Yu. She was only labelled as 'dead', but she didn't die. She lived because she... ...was a True Ancestor. An Ancestor who survived her species genocide and existed until the present day. Where she goes under the identity of Hinako, desiring to summon Xiang Yu to see him again. Since Consort Yu was labelled as 'dead', it got recorded onto the Throne. And Hinako used this to summon herself into her body, become a Psuedo Servant True Ancestor.

Basically lost belt is entirely about people getting cucked out of their loved ones. We're 3 for 3 right now. Final boss will be the opposite gender of the player character you didn't choose. In most peoples case the non canon male one. It'll be the final story. He's salty that Gudako NTR'd him away from Mashu and wants to replace his wet dream lost belt history with the real one.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
On that note, here's a list of the new Servants introduced in this chapter:

5* Berserker Xiang Yu
4* Saber Gao Changgong
4* Lancer Qin Liangyu
5* Ruler Qin Shi Huang
5* Assassin Old Li Shuwen
4* Assassin Consort Yu
3* Rider Red Hare
Nep, your spoiler tag totally failed. XD
bah, I hate typing on my phone. It messes up the tags somehow. XD

Finished Lost Belt 3. Wow, if you thought Camelot was cheap, Lost belt 3 is even more so. The enemy servants will pop multiple skills/buff like very turn. Invulnerability pierce, crit modifiers multiple times, and some even have the skill that negates class affinity like Summer Nero.

One of the bosses was a Ruler. Who despite the weakness, one shot Jeanne Alter from full health. And when I say one shot, I mean literally only ONE of the 3 attacks was all it took to kill her.

Overall it was fun, since we never really got much focus on Ancient China before. It's always been western places, aside from Sinjuku and Shimousa.
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Done with Babylonia, it was really fun.

Gilgamesh was the Best boy and Ereshkigal is heaps better than Ishtar.

Looking forward to the Babylonia anime

I know Merlin is coming, but what's the harm in just a few saint quartz summons to celebrated Babylonia completion.

[Image: zd1Pmzf.jpg]

I feel like my Merlin luck is stronger than ever.

SSR at Number 11 with one NP2.

Tickets are at 0 and SQ are at 8....

Merlin, I'm coming for you.
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Well, looks like I'm skipping this year as well. This is almost as dumb as Altera was last year. Aisde from not caring about the character I don't care for the design either, albeit not as terrible as Altera was last year. But still, it's not Jack the Gifter or loli Santa-Davinici-chan's workshop. So the event is dead to me.
[Image: r8A3UOr.jpg]

Out of all the 5*s to welfare what a waste.

Literally the only good thing of the night was the Fate/Grand Orchestra image of Davinci-chan in that elegant dress.

[Image: Dt3x-LgV4AAFGMN.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
She is a ruller, worth it
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Hmm. Da Vinci is skinnier than I expected. All the fanart must have spoiled me, haha.
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At the end of Epic of Remnant, basically all of Chaldea gets wrecked. Gudako loses all her servants, the mage association try to arrest her for summining a bunch, causing issues, time travel etc. Chaldea gets raided, and during the escame, the only servants that are left to help her is Davinci, and Mashuu who is no longer getting power from Ghallahad. She gets killed saving her and Mashu. But as a back up, she created a back up of herself, which is why she's now a loli. Though she now has very little combat power.
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