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Fate/Grand Order
well Shear 0,70% is like... pretty bad on my opinion.

ouch hyper mode Nobu is hard lol
Its never too late to start loving again

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It is Smile I just like to remember how bad it could have been.
... now that I think about it considering the drop chance I have a scary amount of 5* Servants O.o And I only really roll with free quarz except the Winter Gatcha.
I remember back during year 1 I used to roll most of my golds insanely fast using barely a few tickets. Meme rolling seemingly works. Year 2, I didn't meme as much and my luck turned to total crap.

Is there a guide to the event yet?
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There is this:
The freebie seems nice, Party Attack up, Party NP up and Party Arts up + Stars. I can see use for him in Arts Teams though there are better ones I admit. Still he is free while the better ones are not Smile
He is a worse Rider Ishstar
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

(06-13-2018, 08:41 PM)Shear Wrote: If you think FGO's rates are bad I might have a few games to show you, like one where it goes to eight star Gold or something with rates below 0.01.
... I admit those got banned though if I remember right.

The absolute WORST game ever when it came to rates was SD Gundam G Gen Frontier (RIP). Those were the most disgusting business practices I've ever seen in a mobile game, and even in closing down they had some insanely BS cash grabs.
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As we all knew noting happening with the story till now..

a Incident happens at the Honoji Castle and somehow it end up summoning a counter guardian, with a big Katana, Nobu goes mad about how its not her again and why does they changed Majin Saber to Okita Alter, break all 4th walls etc...

shortly after there's a singularity with the story we travel to Japan and find citizens being killed by the chibby nobus, Nobu that looks very different from the one what we know, claims new rules and bla bla, she is powered up by the power of the grail and very strong, as of now Ritsuka can't stop her.

she is saved by Sakamoto and Okyuu that appears on the nick of time, latter the counter guardian explain that she is Okita Souji, that would have happened if Okita didn't had died young, she would turn into a counter guardian just like Emiya so she is really not a alter.

after this we are ambushed by the limited R servant (-_-..................) that is stopped by Saber Okita, however before something happens Saber Okita has her disease getting the better of her.

we run of fighting the evil Nobus and the servants, till we discover that Mitsuhide its the fake Nobu, and this is true Nobu:

[Image: YoFYWlp.png]

as how mitsuhyde turns into Nobu he goes into the mud and wishes to turn into his perfect version into Nobu, pretty much like Gilles made Jeanne alter but Gilles wishes for his own Jeanne, and Mitsuhyde to turn into Nobu
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I got another 4 star!!!!!

It's ibaraki.
What is everyone thoughts on this one?

She was fun killing over and over again during the last raid event.

So Otika can become a counter guardian, cool!
How many counter guardians do we have now?
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Ibaraki is one of the best servants on the game congrats, she is really,really strong one of the few berserkers that can fill her own NP gauge, 10/10/10 her, she serves you for a loooong time.

yeah, and she is not displeased with being a counter guardian like Emiya is, she is just real real tired of countless battles, her sprite is funny, if you let her still for sometime she will doze off
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

@bigb: Congrats on Ibaraki. I think event is pretty good so far, actually made me a convert for using Euryale as well. I am slightly tempted to roll for Raikou, but I think there are other servants I could use more.
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