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Fate/Grand Order
Event so Far...
[Image: NlBaELJ.jpg]
and no Saber alter has no relation to this event Big Grin

Ritsuka suddenly wake up on a luxurious hotel, that rest on a place far from the cities, on that hotel a party will happen, it will be a Marriage, that much you know, Stheno wake you up happily she will be the one marrying, her name on the event goes is Juliet, for the confusion of Ritsuka that don't know what is happening, but in fact she is part of the Violet family, and she is your childhood friend.

shortly after the family doctor Moriarty that goes by Hawthorne also arrives the other family will be arriving soon and you go there see them...

Lancelot and Raikou are Stheno's parents.

down there you meet the other family the Goldie family Marie its married with Fionn , they go by Dorothy and Arron, Mordred is the husband and her name is Maurice, it seems that that marriage its jus for financial interest and they don't really love each other, and that leaves Euryalle annoyed

the Marble trading company lead by Taiga arrives shortly after and one of its members Chris (Bedivere) get in a fight with Maurice.

nothing happens over their clash and no one dies, the goal of the event its for the players to figure out who is the murderer, its just most story like the new years event that released Hakosai, a lot of story and no gameplay at all, the rewards are just 10 quartz and tickets.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Yeah, it's really just a filler event. Most suspsected due to teh fact that it's only not just 1 week long, but also because it started out of nowhere while the Apocrypha event still had 2 days left.

The Moriarty event however is a full 2 weeks. I didn't realize that was supposed to be Gudako until I noticed she had a cute ass. >.>

[Image: UPf0hjM.jpg]
[Image: yPtuYsX.jpg]

[Image: 2BbAXan.jpg]

Sad because it's both took me 2 years to max her and sadder because she's the ONLY thing I've ever mad bonded so far. Jeanne and Jack are close though. And Ell-Maloy II and Summer Helena at 8.

Also something I just barely noticed last night that I assume happened when we switched over to Lost Belt.
[Image: NnPZ7Kw.jpg]

The singularities will now ONLY display a quest number if you can actually DO said quest. I always hated how it'd show x number of quests, when most of them were all bond quests I couldn't even access at all.

Also been cleaning up everything I can in preperation for summer 2018. I've been binging alot so I manayed to clear up everything from Fuyuki to Salem. (Anastasia I'm saving for last or a tthe gym etc)

Though I now have to slog through some 25 Interludes/strengthening quests....Except Nero's third skill quest.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Congrats Nep, the only servant that i have on Bond level high is Saber Alter she is 9 and Lancer Artoria she is 8, Archer as well i have him at 8, those 3 i use all the time.

majority of my servants vary from 5 to 6, i didn't really began Lost Belt yet someone asked about Sieg here i figure? here's my impressions on the boy Smile


All this is done based on the servants having 10/10/10 skills, with their best CE possible, at their better environment, since you won't deploy a Saber to fight archers for example it don't metters how bad a servant does against their nemesis class

Sieg is a attacker/support caster, that has a saving grace... a LVL 5 AOE Np, that its grindable, the other NP 5 AOE caster that we have its Elizabeth, and sincerely she aged most people don't have her nowadays, he don't do many things as he can't burst and can't really support so his niche is really fighting assassin Dragons or you can use him to Farm doors Xps etc.

its worth getting if you have time since well... he is free!

Summer is returning and with it summer Raikou if you missed her its a good chance to get her she is a SR so good chances to grab her best of luck to everyone
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I'm almost tempted to roll again again on the 2017 banner. Mainly bceause I want to increase Helena's NP and I'd want to get Artoria Alter Maid Alter. I don't really have a 5* Rider to begin with.

But I kinda also want to see what we get for 2018 as well. Helena was insanely popular which is why she easily got in and got the most work.detail then the rest. But ever since Shimousa Archer Inferno has basically become the new Helena in terms of insane popularity, probably even more. So she's a shoe in for 2018. Coincidentally the same artists does both.

Also Halloween 2018 is entirely up in the air, since they already confirmed last year Eli's story concluded last year.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
[Image: OWlKm74.jpg]
[Image: vCMJ2qa.jpg]
[Image: Eie8Wak.jpg]
[Image: XmUmpUx.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
... what? What the <beep> is that?
The Rashmon event is up and the 3 BP 6 million HP is hard.
Took a couple of tries attempts to figure out how to grind it.

I've also finally using Mash and Leonidas 300.

Try happy this game is no longer easy, how long will it last?
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
There are quite a few "challenge events," especially some of the reprints like the Nero event.
[Image: Lancerow.png]
This and the raikou events are all pretty easy. Even without Merlin yet Jeanne Alter can still basically one shot Ibraki with a Brave Buster chain+El-Mally II buffs. (Crits needed to use something that generates stars)

And yeah, the later reprints challenges can get annoyingly had. Nerofest isn't really a reprint though as much as just a new version each year. I never cleared last years because I was lazy and out of quartz, so I didn't even get the bloomers. Not like Ive used Nero in the last few years anyways.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
remember to complete Holmes event for 10 quartz people
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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