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Fate/Grand Order
Siegfried is sadly on the low end of 4* Sabers, he is of use if it's against dragons (meaning he works well with George since he can give the Enemy the Dragon Attribute) but he has very low Attack Power meaning even with the Bonus High End Sabers can sometimes outdamage him in his own Role through sheer Force.
But if you don't have any Gold Sabers there is no Problem in using him, just don't expect huge Numbers against anything not a Dragon.
He's not ON the low end, he IS the low end. Siegfried is literally the most useless PoS in the game. He's that bad. And not just 4☆s, He's worse then most 1-3☆'s as well. Most 1-3 can actually he useful. Siegfried? Never really.
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I like the progression system of this event. Might be my favorite event so far. Ryougi Shiki is an amazing 4*, getting her NP5 for free is a real treat.
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New revised tierlist after the Anty Army Nps buff on JP:

[Image: OuyQGCO.png]
[Image: PizEO21.png]
Its never too late to start loving again

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Jeanne Alter, took a dive down.
I'll still be rolling for her, I can't wait.

Why is Jeanne so high on the list?
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Jeanne got a buff on JP that take out her stun on NP, so she can be more reliable, other things to be noted recently where changes on the challenges,Jeanne is a immovable barrier of HP as well, she is the best turtle servant on the game.

Jeanne take a eternity to kill a enemy but they eventually die lol
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Guess this is 5* only? kinda curious how high my Main Powerhouse is (close to MAX Passionlip)
I do have a few of the Top Servants, maybe I try a Team of Tamamo/Abigail/Jeanne? :p
Would be a very Artsy Team.

:EDIT: Wait now that i think about it that actually could work well.
Here's a fun fact about the tier lists. They are, and always have been total bull shit for FGO. Every few weeks they constantly change, and are usually always just people going with fan favorites as there has never been any real consensus when it goes to them.

>Jeanne Alter is B tier

......ahahahahaha. wow, as if the list wasn't self debunked as it is. Tamamo is also nowhere near top tier. Jeanne losing her debuff with her NP also doesn't do much when the majority of bosses will often now cast Invulnerability pierce.

Musashi and Okita that low is also a joke.
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It's the usual "does it work with Merlin?" List with some weird twists (Jeanne alter low!?), hell that they have now multiple Tiers of A is kinda funny in itself.
Honestly I think Mashu is better than Jeanne anyway, she can easily increase defense to such high levels you can eat AOE NPs like candy and as long as you have a Heal in the party you're pretty much invincible.
Except against Cosmic Horror Loli, if she NPs you you're dead. Smile
My Passionlip also can do damage and can tank single Target NP's with all Buffs active, I do use Tamamo when no merlin is avaible for the Cooldown Reduction and Heal.
Tamano is pretty good, it toke them a good while to realize that she + Jeanne made a immortal team.

and the SR Tier lists SS ranks are Mashu/Herc and BB.

so they are very consistent about the tiers, thing is with the update that included multiple HP bars, some servants where hurted bad.

like, Musashi i do have her, and she is for 1 turn the strongest servant on all FGO, but it last only 1 turn, after that you have to wait your CD's..., that means you break 1 boss hp bar and normal attack rest of the battle, while servants like:

Hakosai can reduce 20% of the enemy defense on every art cards she use
Raikou can constant hit weak points, and crit like a monster
Gilgamesh can vomit stars,crit like no tomorrow and spam his NP
Jeanne + Tamano or Caster Gilgamesh will never ever die.
Cu Alter can tank attacks while being a Berserker
Holmes is Holmes

- Merlin/waver/Tamano/Helena locked out

recent events locked players out of friendlist support, so if you had Jeanne Alter but not your own Merlin she will not hit ridiculous high levels of dmg anymore, since you are forced to bring whatever you have.

however if you have Merlin, you can just bring any buster servant and carry the thing.

AOE Nps become far more relevant to clear content

- Sincerely the new tower event and the one before that was not doable without AOE servants.
Its never too late to start loving again

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