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Code: Hardcore - Chinese Game SRW Animation Style Platformer

[Image: ch_interview_art-1200x675.jpg]

Quote:“I played the 2nd Super Robot Wars in junior high school and couldn’t stop loving this franchise from that time. At the same time, Super Robot Wars has taught me how to make animations. I think for fighting scenes, only SD mechas can make the most powerful moves. To make awesome animation for those fatty mecha, the animation itself is really cool.”

Quote:Super Robot Wars games are my favorites as they always make the top quality 2D animation in the industry, which inspires me a lot. Gundam Versus features really tight controls too. In 3D mecha games, nobody does it better than this.”

All I can say is, it's really "inspired" by Super Robot Wars style original robots. I think those two robots looked very familiar to me....
Game looked awesome, though.
Ooooh, that looks wicked fun. As long as the hit boxes are nice and tight, everything looks fantastic.
First chinese KoF, now chinese srw; it makes perfect sense.
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