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Nanoha Vivid Strike
The movie and it's title was revealed a while ago, it and the title were in the Blu-Ray edition of 2nd A's IIRC. Though at least it revealed the 2017 release date.

But there's still no info on what it's about yet other then that they outright said it's not going to be a StrikerS compilation or anything related to StrikerS.

A lot of people are thinking it'll be either involving the incident where Nanoha almost died with Vita, or they're might incorporate the the GoD plotline and bring in the Materials and Florian sisters. They're already canon to the movies as is, they met them in the Sound Stages that were released after 2nd A's. (Since Nanoha now more openly follows that same Multi-verse principle that SRW follows, which it already heavily borrows from). Plus helps that the Materials and Florians ended up becoming way more popular then they had ever thought. They usually end up stealing the show most of the time.

EDIT: Actually no, now I remember. The third movie, its title and that it wasn't going to involve StrikerS was revealed shortly after the blu-rays release during the Lyrical Festa event.
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Watched episode 2. At the least the story is staying focused on Not NanoHart. And glad to see more of Nove being Nove and Nove and having a working life.

I never finished Vivid but......Why the bloody hell do they they now ALL have adult forms? What a garbage gimick. It was fine when it was Vivio and Einhart, and with Rio it was more just body stretching.

But why the hell do did they have to force such a shoddy gimmick on Miura and more importantly Corona? Part of what made her best was her fighting without needing to use a cop out adult form.

Proves howcrappy things are now in the series. Nano, Fate, Vita, Chrono, etc never needed an adult form. When it came time to do it, THEY ACTUALLY GREW UP.
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Yeah the adult form transformation gimmicks were lazy, in my opinion. Hated it, which is why I didn't bother finishing Vivid.
Skimmed episode 3.

Are you fucking kidding me? EVERYONE in the goddamn universe now just magically has an adult form for no reason? Including the generic one shot jobber characters?

How the hell is this evne supposed to be an Under-15 tournament? When they're all taking full blown adult forms. (They even said in the last episode they set themselves to age 18).

This lierally feels like such a cheap ploy that was only created for the sake of giving everyone a nude magiacl transformation sequence they never needed to begin with....
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Episode 4....Holy shit.


Sorry Nanoha, but **** your befriending ways, They had it coming.

*Note the vid cut out several scenes that pretty much justify her actions
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