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Nanoha Vivid Strike
New Nanoha anime coming out: Vivid Strike.
Did the last Nanoha ViVid anime actually finish properly?
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No. Also, the title Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha isn't in it, so that's something worth noting too. I have the feeling something behind the scenes happened that forced some changes...
Neither Nanoha nor Fate are listed in the cast, either, so this is a new story in the same universe.

And it will most likely not be localized. If none of the streaming services picked up Vivid, then they will pass on this, too, I suspect.
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Well, Vivid Strike is definitely a whole different thing because: Nanoha Vivid Season 2 is listed.
This really bugs me. I enjoyed Force, but sad to see it went on indefinite Haiatus, and eventually I wamred up to Vivid. (Specifically Corona, Sieg and Einhart who were really the only ones that were amusing/entertaniing). The fights were actually nicely done

But that they're making this spin off of a spin off that not only did not finish, but didn't even finish it's first arc is annoying. Even more so that the MC is basically NotNanoha in her teenage years as far as visual apperance goes.

I personally would have preffered Nanoha Innocent the animation over it. At least we'd have gotten Dearche, Levi and Stern, the most miracle of the Lyricals.
Vivid's trailer:

Saw the first episode.

-So far, Fuuka is literally just Nonoa/Sterns hair, wearing Einharts clothes, using Subaru's fighting style.

-I liked it at first, but then some 6 minutes in, it started with the whole friendship is magic etc thing that I've started getting tired of in the franchise. (Which is why Gears of Destiny was best Nanoha)

-It seems they plan to just leave ViVid as is, because rather then find some work around or combine it as a filler story, Vivid Strike just outright takes palce a while after the entire ViVid story. Which if people recall, the first season didn't even fully cover the tournament and ended before concluding.

-Nove seemingly quit the TSAB and now opened up her own gym where she's using the girls as promotion. Also she's a hustler.

-So basically the story is...class warefare? I like how after the girls are telling Fuuka to play martial arts with them, she then tells them no and that rich girls wouldn't understand what the commoners/poor have to do to survive.

-Cue a few out of context scenes later....these rich girls (Vivio and crew) are literally beating the shit out of this poor orphan girl.
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Watching the first episode and really love it more than A-1 iteration of Nanoha Vivid manga. The premise might be overused but the action scene is really good. Also, to rectify Nep's post above, Nove never did join TSAB. As it has been stated in the Vivid Manga, she was still looking for her own career path and Subaru suggest her to find it together with Einhalt and Vivio. In Nanoha Force Vol.4 is also implied that Nove never actually join TSAB unlike Wendi that became Enforcer aide for Teana.

So, it was pretty natural to see her as a president of Nakajima gym and not a military TSAB officer. Again I look forward to see this anime unfold and it is only 12 Eps so hopefully someone picked this for localization BD release or release the BD in Japan with English subtitle similar to Nanoha Movie 1st and 2nd BD, so that I can add it into my collection. Smile Big Grin
Also, new Nanoha movie to come out. It's called Nanoha Reflections.

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